Isabelle’s Birthday

We all know Isabelle turned TWO on Tuesday and though her big party was yesterday, we still spent her actually birthday celebrating and doing fun things. We had pancakes for breakfast, which are Isabelle’s favorite. Mostly because she gets to “dip” in syrup. And syrup for breakfast means bath time by brunch. Isabelle has always loved being in the bathtub. She especially likes our big tub because she can stand up and splash and swim around without making a huge mess. She hates having her hair washed though. Birthday Bath:

After her bath and blowdry, we went for a walk. It was a perfectly coldish day- she even wore a sweater. We collected leaves and rocks in her basket and made our way around the neighborhood. I know I’ve already said this but Isabelle loves loves loves being outside. As soon as we came in, it started POURING rain and really didn’t let up for the rest of the day, so I’m glad we got out while we could. We stopped in and said hello to my dad at work, where he got maybe the most lovey long hug I have ever seen Isabelle give out. Jealous!

At noon, we took a picnic to the movie theater. Jazz took a half day so we could take Isabelle to see Cars 2 for her birthday. (What is that, the cutest gesture ever.) Isabelle has only been to one movie before and she didn’t really get what was happening so this was her first REAL one that she was excited about. Of course she was so short that she had to sit on two booster seats stacked on top of each other. She had her lunch in a snapware and then we gave her movie popcorn in a tiny bowl and I almost died because it was so dang adorable. She really loved the toy story short before the film started, and she kept saying “MATER!” when he would come on screen. We took pictures with my phone because we are dorks and there was really no one else in the theater.

About an hour into the movie, Isabelle’s eyelids got super heavy and she was fighting to stay awake. I asked her if she wanted to go home and get in her bed with Olivia and she said, “Yeahhhhh.” So home we went. Three dollars very well spent.
She fell asleep in the car and I forced Jazz to take a picture of our TWO YEAR OLD during the transfer to bed because she is soft and perfect.

During her nap, Jazz and I watched a movie and had marshmallow hot chocolate while it rained. I mean, perfect day right?
Gmorning baby!

We took her to the Sweet Spot to get her a free mini cupcake for her birthday.

She mostly licked the frosting and was done. Typical Isabelle. I’m learning she doesn’t like cake very much.
Then we met the crew at Burrito Bandito, where Isabelle had a feast of rice and beans and chucked pennies at the koi fish. Madilyn picked out these fancy balloons herself.

Isabelle carried around that one yellow balloon for three days straight, I’m not kidding. All in all it was a fantastic day and it still feels weird that Isabelle is TWO. TWO TWO TWO. More to come with a giant recap of her party…

2 thoughts on “Isabelle’s Birthday

  1. throw ME a birthday party. i like your style.


  2. Her in that blue polka dot dress kills me. So cute. Happy Birthday, Isabelle!


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