25 Weeks

25 weeks- 5/8ths of the way through.
It was a balmy 97 degrees today.. feels just like fall. Except that we are still in shorts and t-shirts and flip flops. This is part of the bargain you make when you live in California- sunny weather nearly year round, but a very short winter. Spring and Fall don’t really exist, except that one day that all the leaves change color and fall off the trees. Does that count?
I don’t think too much has changed over the past two weeks since I last updated about the pregnancy. The ninja continues to move a lot, though I can’t remember if it is more or less than with Isabelle. Honestly, why didn’t I write more things down, I swear my memory is horrible. I want to say we are getting closer with names, but really what I mean is that I am getting closer. Jazz is stuck on one name that I absolutely can not get on board with so while he simmers on that, I’m moving forward. (Love you. and no, I still don’t like that name.) I like to do the baby blessing test. Like, in my mind I say the potential name like we would hear it in the baby blessing- first, middle, last….pause… and continue. Does it flow? Does it accidentally rhyme? Does it sound weird with any family member’s names?
I’m feeling great. Actually, I slept so good last night that I woke up smiling. I still have intermittent bathroom breaks, but what pregnant women doesn’t? It also could have been that Isabelle slept through the night after about an eight day hiatus, finally. She is so trixy. I can tell I’m bigger than two weeks ago- sometimes I put on clothes that I haven’t worn for awhile and it’s like whoa, that isn’t gonna work, try again. Loving maternity pants- seriously I will be sad when it isn’t acceptable for me to wear them anymore. Like sweatpants, but appropriate for public.
We had some pumpkin pie this week- first of the season. Oh man it tasted so good, I love pie. So now naturally I want pumpkin pie for every meal. And orange juice (Trop 50 is my favorite). And big deli sandwiches on sourdough, which is weird for me because sandwiches just aren’t my thang. Unless they are tuna and we are on a boat, because that is totally different.
I have some projects going for the new nursery, but of course they are a few notches down the to do list since Isabelle’s birthday is next week. I can’t talk about it because I will totally cry I can’t believe she is turning two- anyway- her party is a week from Saturday and I have some things to do for that. Not to mention, I’m bursting to put halloween up, but need to wait ’til after the party. And then do my Christmas shopping. THEN tackle the nursery stuff.
Weirdly pointing to the baby, but really just doing lobster hands.
(a great picture of me with a really sweet haircut.)

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