a space for baby boy

Two years ago today was my due date for our first baby. A baby who came on her own time, a baby we named Isabelle. I won’t talk about her birthday yet because that’s for next week but today will always have a special place in my heart.

Now we have a new date to look forward to- for a new baby, a baby we haven’t named yet. January 9th. Another special day.

Since the seasons are changing and Isabelle is growing at lightning speed, I’ve been packing away her old clothes and buying the next size up for her winter wardrobe. Usually I just buy girl things but I can’t help sneak some boy things in there for the ninja. Shopping is really different for a boy than a girl- there just aren’t as many options, and there are so many awfully cheesy items. I’m just not a cheese kind of person. My hair dresser asked me what the theme for the new nursery was and I said, “uh, blue and grey and yellow.” She asked me if it was like trucks or sports or animals- of course nurseries have themes!

Mine don’t. Sorry? Like it’s just not my style and I’m sure there are some ADORABLE elephant themed rooms but we have chosen to do more simple things for our babes bedrooms, and also for their clothes. Girls have ruffles and buttons and all kinds of cute options for clothing, but boys really don’t. BFFLeigh keeps sending me pictures of newborn outfits she finds saying, “Is this your style? Is this?

I gravitate towards stripes. Navy blue, grey, white, certain greens. Nothing that has words on it. Few animals. Absolutely no sports-themed outfits or Disney icons. Prints are okay if they are subtle and calm. Again, I’m sure your kid looks great in them, it just isn’t my thing. I know I can’t control this forever, in fact, Isabelle often wants to wear her nikes with a dress or skirt… but for awhile, I’m in charge and I get to pick the clothes. And the room decor.

That’s not to say Isabelle’s room is boring, I think it’s far from it- I love the white mixed with the colors, she loves her hanging mobile and she really does love to sleep in there. Mission accomplished. (See Isabelle’s Nursery here.)

Here’s what I’m thinking.

We purchased crib bedding from a local baby store a few weeks ago because 1) I loved it and 2) it was on sale. It’s custom made (for a non-custom price!) and I didn’t want anyone else to snatch it up. The fabric is grey and blue chevron sort of like this, but grey AND blue? I couldn’t find a picture online so this is the closest.

I saw this dresser/changing table on etsy and about threw up. I love it. I’m thinking it will be nearly impossible to find in Redding, so we’ll have to paint an existing piece. One option is to get a bigger dresser for Isabelle and paint the one we already have. Totally do able, right?

Rug. Nurseries need a rug in front of the crib. This one is actually affordable- from urban outfitters.

Wall art!

I love this mobile- made from paint sample thingys from Lowe’s. I will change the colors a bit, but this is a must for above the crib.

And this is Olivia’s male cousin Watson. Ohhhh I love it so much.
And I’m in the market for a new diaper bag. I’ve loved my petunia picklebottom- LOVED it. Can not recommend it more- I have literally worn holes in it. They’ve come out with a new line that is made with a more durable, waterproof material and I think I’m totally sold. Merry Christmas to me?
There is a big pile of baby boy things growing in our spare bedroom and I’m really feeling the need to get going on the nursery so I can feel organized. 14 weeks is going to go so quickly with our fun plans and the holidays coming up! (omg14weeks.)
I just re-read this post and I sound like such a snob. good job, micci, good job.

4 thoughts on “a space for baby boy

  1. Totally in love. I agree on the little boy stuff, but now that Douglas is 2 he wears so much more stuff with McQueen or another car on it. Not my thing, but it certainly is cheaper since it's everywhere. I am in love with the nursery. I think you can have “theme” without it being an item. I would say your theme is chevrons in somewhat muted colors. I can't wait to see it all together!!


  2. I don't think you're a snob, you just happen to have good taste.


  3. i fully agree with my mama. i'm kind of excited to see your ideas for a boy because i looooove your taste. congrats on a boy!!!! oh & watson is perfection.


  4. Still trying to decide if i should be offended that you specifically mentioned elephant themed boy baby rooms. Yep, still undecided. Awe…the joys of blogging!


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