Disneyland, parte seconda

Just what you wanted, more pictures of Isabelle on our trip! One of her favorite parts was the 6 pm parade with all the princesses/dancers/costumes/lights. I didn’t think she would care so much until she saw it and was all I LOVE THIS.

At first she was like eh, I’m not sure if I like it up here. Then she saw the parade and totally forgot she was on Grandpa’s shoulders.

The infamous bubble gun. And the matching hair cut cousins.

And then came the Era of the Carousel. Over the course of two days, we rode it about twelve times. At least twelve times. She looks unimpressed here but she LOVED sitting on the horse and going up and down. She seriously cried big fat tears when we took her off so other kids could have a turn- she didn’t understand why she couldn’t ride it indefinitely.

JR taught her to use the extra leather strap to whip the horse and yell “YAH!” so Iz walked around whipping things the rest of the weekend. Thanks Jer.

Whipping in action. “Hiiiiii-YAH!”

During this trip I was partnerless for rides (not that I could ride any of them, due to the Stubborn Genderless Fetus), so JRd rode a lot of the kid rides with us. Didn’t stop him from having a good time though.

SUCH an Isabelle face.
Okay enough of the carousel. Though I have at least 80 more pictures. This was on our last day- we took the monorail out of the park as we left, mostly because we had never done it before, and also because we needed some treats from Downtown Disney. Because we didn’t have ENOUGH treats before then, obviously.
Oh wait, I forgot we rode Winnie the Pooh and she loved that too. Slow rides are totally her thing.

JR and Iz on the monorail.

 Jazz read my first blog about Disneyland and noted that I failed to mentioned where he was for all of this. Since it was such a last minute trip, he wasn’t able to get work off and therefore is not in any of the pictures. That’s why we took a billion of them, so he could feel like he was there. Sunday when it was time to leave the park we were all a little sad- we spent 45 hours there in two full days and two half days, and still had lots of stuff to see and do. I guess that’s why we go back! Anyone else going to be there for Halloween? It’s a great time to go, everything is spooky themed and they have lots of fun things going on. I really do feel like it’s our home away from home.
“To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land.”—Walt Disney

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