Disney trip- una parte

We took four hundred pictures on this trip. I’m not sure what it is about a digital camera that makes me feel like I need to take ten pictures of one particular shot, but I do. This was Isabelle’s first trip to Disneyland that she got excited about things- she recognized Buzz and Woody and some other characters and she loved seeing balloons/parades/ice cream/lights.

We flew out early Thursday morning and made it to the park by 11 AM, with 13 hours before closing time. Can I just say that Redding needs to get a bigger airport/more flights? Because driving 2 1/2 hours every time we need to fly somewhere is getting really, really old. Anyway. Here we are on the tram. A rare sighting of the Isabelle paci.

Isabelle did so awesome on this trip- she just ran and ran until she was too tired and then literally fell asleep wherever she could. Here she is on JR’s shoulder juuuust about asleep after the pirates ride.

We took her on Buzz Lightyear- she was super excited to see a life size Buzz. You can really see the enthusiasm on her face. See Jake? He and Iz are about 5 months apart but right now they are the EXACT same size with the EXACT same haircut. I had a few people ask me if they were twins. Cousins! Also Mom and Morgan played this game where every time I tried to get a picture of me and Isabelle, one of them would hop in the picture. This is about five seconds before I got ANGRY FACE. I will not post it.

There is this giant ball over by space land or whatever its called. Future world? Sean is going to make so much fun of me. Anyway, this giant marble ball is suspended in water and the kids had a great time playing it in. It was about four and a half trillion degrees outside so Isabelle didn’t mind getting a bit wet. And yes she wore her pretend pearls the entire day.

Then we put both of them in Isabelle’s stroller. She was super excited to share. For about a minute.

Then she kept pointing to Jake and proclaiming “OUT! OUT!” while Jake relaxed like a pimp.

Day two. I learned my lesson on sweaty-hair-down day one and skipped right to hair up. Best decision of the day. There is something about the tram ride in that is so fun because you know where you are going and it smells like orange trees and its just a little bit windy and awesome. Of course, Olivia enjoyed it as well.

Wilderness Explorer area. I swear Isabelle would have stayed there all day long, she loved it. It also helped that Grandma showed up with a couple of bubble guns. INSTANT POPULARITY. Also Isabelle rocked her Nike Shox almost everyday, she loves loves those shoes. JR and Morgan gave those to her and she seriously tries to pair them with every outfit. Perfect for Disneyland- so comfortable.

We did the slide about twenty times in a row.

Ohhh I love this action shot. Feet running, mouth open, tummy hanging out like it’s no big thang.

Photo op! Jake was a teensy bit anxious to get to the bottom.
Our one and only group shot! And yes I am wearing shorts and tennis shoes. Deal with it.
Okay maybe this is my favorite picture from the weekend. Morgan was chasing her and she was LOVING it. Morgan, please move in.
This is just SO Isabelle.
This was one of the rides Isabelle actually liked and wanted to do again- Small World. Slow moving boat, robotic people from around the world, haunting enchanting music.
Almost the whole group! Morgan almost lost her camera privileges here because she has a habit of taking ten random photos after the photo I have asked her to take. Do you have a family member that does that?
Okay I must stop for now. That is just a lot of pictures for one post and we know I have more.
The best part about being in Disneyland is not the rides or the food, although the food is a close second… it’s always so much fun being with our family. I tried to explain to my friend how we could spend 45 hours in the park in two full days and two half days, but until you go you really don’t know how great it is. Well, we think so anyway. Isabelle was so pleasant and happy- she has always loved to be on the go. She flew well, she did great in the car, she took naps in her stroller when she was tired, and stayed up as long as she could keep her eyes open. Disneyland was so much fun before any of us had kids and now it’s like this whole new experience, waiting in line for the carousel, riding Winnie the Pooh, letting them burn off energy in a nice enclosed shady space. We didn’t get there before ten on any single day, but we sure saw some late hours checking off our to do list.

2 thoughts on “Disney trip- una parte

  1. So fun! We are going in November and I can't wait. Love her Nike Shox and those pics of her are adorable! Did Jazz have to stay home to work?


  2. Izzie is so stinkin cute I can barely stand it!! And I love that she's rockin Nike Shox–sylish just like her mama 🙂 Miss ya!


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