It’s a…


Yesterday I was going to write picture vomit post about our DISNEYLAND trip from last weekend, but I thought no- I’ll wait until we have the gender ultrasound so I can blog about the sex of our baby FIRST. Then I will approach disneyland. HA. HAHA.

I hardly slept last night, I tossed and turned I was so excited for my 9 AM appointment. I was ten minutes early because I am the greatest patient of all time.

Turns out the baby is camera shy because the entire time we had the ultrasound, she/he would not uncross legs or give us a peek of ANYTHING. My doctor was like “Welp, sorry about that but it happens!” And I said NO FIX IT I CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER.

But we must.

The great news is that the baby is measuring exactly on track- four chambers of the heart just working away, femurs are getting long and strong. Noggin is a good size, we saw ten tiny toes and a cute little hand. Baby is currently sitting transverse with its head to my left and its feet to my right. Estimated weight is 12 ounces….which is a can of soda.

I’m not sure what happens next- there is no medical need for another ultrasound for the rest of the pregnancy. Which is great because we are healthy and all is well! But also leaves us in the dark for what color bedding to buy, if you know what I’m sayin. I’m a fairly determined person so one way or another, we will find out the gender of this baby. He/she may be stubborn but I’m the INVENTOR of stubborn. Game on, baby!

2 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. glad everything is well. i would have flipped my lid! i love your challenge to your fetus for a stubborn-standoff. classic. i do have one question for ya: i'm looking at play kitchens for my beans. would you suggest yours or will it be too small scale for them 6 months after cmas when they're 4 and 2? any advice would be HUGE. tx.


  2. Oh, how this post makes me giggle. When we had Dot's scan the way she was sitting made it very hard for the tech to get pictures of the heart, so I got not one but TWO extra scans (she hadn't moved the second time) to make sure everything was there. I had 3 scans mid-pregnancy and wasn't finding out the gender. Is that irony? Or maybe just wrong? Can't your dad pull some strings or something??


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