one of the last baby milestones.

This morning, we got Limited Edition pigtails, courtesy of her mullet.

I literally put a jellybean on the tv stand to bribe her to stand up and hold still so I could take her picture. Mother of the year.

A few hours later, some snips and cuts, no tears from baby or mother, Isabelle got a new do.
Party on the sides! And the back!

All done!
I will have to post more of this event, including the video we took because you will not believe how still she sat. She was so patient and so good and my heart exploded as little bits of baby fluff fell to the floor. I seriously wanted to save all of it. That’s normal, right?
*special thanks to our good friend and traveling stylist Lanece for doing such a wonderful job!

4 thoughts on “one of the last baby milestones.

  1. What a cute new cut! My little guy just turned one and his party in the back is starting to get people confused about his gender. Sooo, I need to bite the bullet. Izzy's wonderful transformation gives me hope!


  2. We just had Max's hair cut for the first time(he's 15 months old) because I was tempted to put it in pigtails to see if he'd look more like his sisters. I resisted long enough to get the deed done, but I almost cried several times. I still get close when I watch him strut around like a little man.


  3. Adorable. It is so sad when you cut off all the baby curls! Hence the reason Corbin has his crazy curly hair!


  4. Way too cute and far too easy to love!!!


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