19 Weeks

I’m 19-ish weeks pregnant with McSorensen The Second and I’m alllllllmost half way now. This morning I was feeling unorganized and it was driving me nuts so I attacked my closet. I put away all the stuff that doesn’t fit me/won’t fit me for let’s face it, atleast a year… and I got out all my maternity clothes from last time. I made some very nice progress organizing my closet into “what fits me now” and “what will fit me later” and it was fun to see some of the things I wore when I was pregnant with Isabelle. Like remember when I was so huge and it was so hot and all I could wear was this giant tent with arm holes? It’s hard to remember what that feels like.

In one week we have our big anatomy scan. Which is secret code for GENDER SCAN. I am so excited, I can hardly wait… I’m tired of referring to the baby as “it” or “thing” or “fetus”. I really don’t know how some people wait until the baby is born to find out (you know who you are.) My ocd won’t allow for such frivolity, I gotta get PLANNING. My brain is so excited to get out all of Isabelle’s old things and sort them into sizes and colors and piles. If it’s a boy, I’m sure I can find a few of Isabelle’s things that are gender neutral. Well…who am I kidding, the girl wore a lot of frills and pink.

We are going to turn our spare bedroom into the nursery for the new baby regardless of the gender. Though I would love for Isabelle to share a room with a sister, I’m thinking it will work better a few years down the road and rather than right away. We all know Iz hasn’t been a sleep champion and a noisy new baby would definitely not help her win any awards. However, I want to keep the spare bed set up and usable in that room for family and friends to use when they come visit, plus it can serve as an additional bed for me to zonk out in between feedings if needed. Also, it’s a super comfortable bed and sometimes I nap in there anyway so I can’t take it down. And where would Leigh sleep?

Some things that are on my mind: Will Isabelle be out of a crib by then? Hard to imagine her sleeping in a twin bed. Actually, that part is easy, the tricky part will be to get her to STAY in her twin bed. My dead dog understands the word “stay” better than Isabelle does.  We have a wonderful moses basket that the new baby will likely sleep in for awhile, so that can buy us some more time. When did your kids graduate to a non-crib bed? And how did that whole thing go? And potty training is in my near future– realllly?

I tried to take a picture of my baby bump fluff yesterday but it is really hard to do by myself. Jazz didn’t get home until late so it didn’t happen..and I refuse to use a mirror. I did find a picture of me at 18 weeks pregnant with Izzie and I’m definitely showing more this time.

Okay, here you go. Isabelle insisted on being in the picture because shes so cute and funny and oh I love her. Even though she is blurry.

This is a terrible, terrible cell phone picture but it’s me 18 weeks with Isabelle April of 2009.

I’ve heard you show sooner/more the second time around but SHEESH can someone say FLUFFY. Some things I want to remember: I feel great! I go to bed really early. I still don’t love sugary sweet things. Chocolate milk is delicious. I can eat a whole cantaloupe in one sitting. My rings still fit. Isabelle has no idea what’s happening, I ask her if she is going to be a big sister and she says very emphatically NO. Madilyn thinks it’s a girl-baby. Random lady at church today said it is DEFINITELY a boy. So…
Alright, what do you think- boy or girl? We will know the 23rd….and as soon as I know, you’ll know.

4 thoughts on “19 Weeks

  1. You look SO cute! You always do. I think it will be another… girl. But I dont know! That is hard…


  2. I think you look adorable. We transitioned into a twin bed when Tanner was 26 months. We were mean…a new house, new bed, and a new brother all within a week. Do whatever works for Izzie and for you!I hate the guessing game. I am never right, but my guess is a boy!


  3. It's totally a girl and you look GREAT! Love and hugs ❤


  4. 1) When Dot (the miserable sleeper) was new, I very regularly slept with her on the guest bed so Daddy could rest before work. Keeping it up for a few months was the best idea ever.2) Duggle moved to a twin right around his 2nd birthday. Took about a week to transition. I learned not to fight him over the fact that he WANTS to nap on his floor, complete with blanket and pillow. 3) I know who I am. I don't know how people find out from some u/s tech when you COULD have your husband shout, “It's a girl!” in the delivery room. Most amazing feeling ever. You = Lame. 4) I guess… gah.. I don't know. Girl?


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