So me and Isabelle were at the grocery store today, buying melons and meat and whatever, and she was basically charming the pants off of everyone around like normal. I stopped in the freezer section to pick up a few marie calendars personal pot pies. I bought one sort of on accident like two weeks ago and was surprised how amazing it was. Buttery crust? Warm gooey center? Easy to cook? YES I AM IN. Anyway, I’ve had a few since then and I was out so I needed more. I noticed there were some smaller ones, like mini sized, and I checked the calories to see if I should buy those instead. When they were not significantly lower in calories then the normal sized ones I buy, I checked the normal sized ones to make sure I didn’t read incorrectly. 520 calories, for one pie. Okay so I knowwww it isn’t healthy but also for my whole lunch once in awhile it didn’t seem like a bad deal.


Serves two.

Total calories of pot pie = 1040.

Total pies I purchased today = 0.

Felt like an idiot. Lately my brain has been just not quite functioning at max potential. Could be the heat. Could be the stubborn child in my womb. Could be that I am eating too many pot pies.

I’m just over 21 weeks now and this is the part I love- I’m feeling lots of movement at regular times in the day… morning and especially before bed.

In case you are wondering, we still don’t know the gender.

We were talking before bed the other night and I turned to Jazz and genuinely asked him if secretly he thought Isabelle would always be our favorite. It is hard to imagine loving another baby as wholly and as completely as I love Isabelle. Everyone says that I will and it will be the same but really, what do they know.

I mean, look at this face.


I’ve started thinking about Isabelle’s second birthday party and I feel like I was just gluing invitations for her first. And just right before that I was opening an invitation for a baby shower in her honor. Time is so fleeting, it makes me mad. She looks so different from her newborn pictures and yet shes like the exact same to me. Preparing for a new baby really makes me nostalgic for the one I already have.

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