upload from the memory card.

Tomorrow Isabelle will be 22 months old. In two months, she we will celebrate her 2nd birthday. Which means a) holy crap I have two months to plan her party and b) holy crap my baby will be two years old holy crap. When people ask how old she is, I find myself saying “almost two” even though I want to say “1 1/2” or “22 months” or something less definite than TWO. I mean, kill me, really.

She is really starting to speak more. In the spring we had her evaluated to make sure she wasn’t behind in her speech. I was mostly nervous that she wasn’t talking as much as the books/people/strangers said she should be- turns out she was just on her own schedule. How very Isabelle of her. Anyway, all the sudden she just started spitting stuff out and I’m like “did you just say shoe? yeah! that is a shoe! SHOE! SHOOOEE!” And she rolls her eyes and walks away.  One of the cutest things she says is “show” when she wants to watch a movie. It’s the most adorable “s” sound you have ever heard. Actually now that I think about it a lot of her sounds are “s” sounds. If you ask her what a snake says, she does this hilarious “ssssssss” with her mouth, makes me laugh every time.

Last week Isabelle was getting especially bored with her toys, and I realized that her toys were getting old for her. Like, too young for her? She has a lot of puzzles that she likes to do- but the fisher price little people just aren’t as much fun, and the wooden animals are so last year. She has started to show an interest in dolls (and by that I mean she stole one from Madilyn) so we went that direction- bought her a new doll. Immediately she LOVED having a mini baby to play with- she put it in her high chair and feeds it food and shares her milk with it. The big high chair is too tall for Iz to play with so we ordered a doll high chair and some play food. (thanks amazon prime.) The pretend food is a HUGE HUGE HIT. We had plastic food but it wasn’t very impressive, and this wooden food has velcro so you can pretend to slice it up and put it back together again. There are separate crates for dairy, meat, grains, and fruit/veggies. She loves it- she fake bites and and then exclaims “MMMMM!” like it’s delicious. Sometimes I think we have so many toys but I forget that Isabelle is getting smarter and needs different challenges, right?

Her hair is long enough for a pony tail but she only will let me do it occasionally, and if she goes down for a nap the pony tail MUST come out. I’m the same way though so I don’t blame her. If she wants to go somewhere, she finds and brings me the same pair of sandals to put on like “cmon mom these are your go shoes. let’s go.” They don’t always match but I can’t tell her no, so I wear them. She is also trying to jump with two feet. It looks more like hopping, but it is getting there.

It has been so hot here lately that we don’t venture out much unless it involves the pool. We turned a little sprinkler on for Isabelle and she wasn’t really sure what to think. We let her run around nekkid for awhile which she loved- and made for some hilarious pictures but I am just not willing to post my kid’s butt on the internet.

This is at my mom’s new house, there is a side fountain that Isabelle is obsessed with. This pic is blurry but it’s so cute I don’t care.

Story time at Grandma’s. I love that Isabelle gets along with Madilyn so well, they are so cute to watch together.

Watching a show with Sabrina.
This is Isabelle’s cheese face again. See that extra seat? It’s for me. She insists I sit there.
Sometimes Isabelle puts on outfits that make me laugh. Of course, my mom has all the good dress ups. Can you see her teeny Nikes? Courtesy of JR and Mo.

This was on Jazz’s birthday- we were saying a prayer before dinner and Isabelle folded her arms so cute… I picked up my camera to take a couple sneaky pictures. (I know it’s not reverent. I know.)  As soon as she saw me she yelled “NO NO NO NO” and ran towards me like she knew I wasn’t doing the right thing. Everyone busted up and we barely made it through the prayer.

Eating dinner in tutus, naturally.

Another one of her brilliant ensembles.

Everyday Isabelle climbs up on the piano bench, and asks me to sit by her. And we play together for awhile until she gets bored but it is SO CUTE and in 15 years when she is a concert pianist I’ll show her these pictures.

Well, I think that’s enough random Isabelle pictures for one post.

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