a bunch of media.

I was going to write separate posts about these things but I got lazy and threw them all together.

First, shark week on the Discovery Channel concludes tonight. If you know me, you know that I love sharks and look forward to shark week every year. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit disappointed this year’s shark week was…well, weak. I had high hopes with the promise that Andy Samberg would be the chief shark officer. I had visions of him doing shark digital shorts and making an idiot of himself for our sake. HOWEVER. He barely had any airtime throughout the week, I think there was one show that he was involved in? He did a 90 second promo before some prime time shows but it wasn’t enough. The real problem was the material was just not as captivating as usual. Yes, they run shark shows usually all day and especially from 5-11pm. BUT I have seen ALL of them. ALL. The only new shows were at 9 pm, so after waiting a whole year I only had FOUR hours of new shark tv. Disappointing to say the least. Step up your game, Discovery channel.

Second. Did anyone else get into Pottermore? Or am I a huge dork and no one else has any idea what I am talking about? It’s a new site published by J.K. Rowling and it is going to have tons of unseen material, back story, and special tidbits about Harry Potter. It goes live in October, but she hosted a special contest for the last seven days where you had a chance to find a clue, answer a question, and be granted early access. We didn’t know when the clues would be given, so basically millions of people hovered around their computers for hours last week just waiting for a magical quill to appear. The clues were only up for about a half hour before the registration was full for the day. A half hour! Of course, many of the clues were published in London at normal day times, which meant ridic hours for the americans across the pond. I debated waiting up through the night because I’m an idiot and iluvhp but I just couldn’t justify being too tired to take care of Isabelle the next day.

And then Morgan came riding in on her shiny unemployed horse and she said I’LL DO IT… FOR US. She stayed up all night on the third night, got the clue at about 4 AM and had us both signed up. The next morning I checked my email and saw a note from pottermore and I about choked on my orange juice, I was so excited. Now we just wait for a welcome email allowing us access to the site and we are IN. Also I should tell you, Morgan just got hired at a fabulous bakery in Phoenix so her unemployed horse has been euthanized. Did anyone else get in to pottermore? Or try to get in?

Next item. Amazon Mom. My friend Sarah got me going on this- she mentioned they order diapers through Amazon and it’s tons cheaper and they get delivered right to her door. The best part of Amazon Mom is it is free and you also get to use amazon prime, which is free 2-day shipping on tons and tons of things. Turns out, we save a bundle on diapers (I’m a huge fan of pampers until about size 4, then huggies for the big guns. New baby will have pampers again.) It’s even cheaper than Costco. The two-day shipping thing is blowing my mind. I ordered toys for Isabelle early one Wednesday and they came THE NEXT DAY. FOR FREE. And no tax. The catch is that you have to have diapers delivered regularly, which we do so it isn’t a problem.

Fourthly. Is that word. Everyone probably already knows about Pinterest but I just had to proclaim my love from the top of my bloggy building because I love it. I’ve been on for awhile now but I’ve already found great recipes, tricks, styling ideas, clothes for Isabelle, and furniture I would shank a man for. It’s inspiring and a nice quick mid-day pick me up since caffeine is off the menu as of late. I could write a whole post about pinterest…actually maybe I will.

Last. My droid is dying to the maximus. I’ve had this phone for almost two years, it’s the one that got drowned in the preserve pond and got lost in Sacramento and yet it’s still around. It barely holds a charge, randomly turns off, and is slowwwww as molasses. I’m due for an upgrade soon which is exciting but I’m torn- new droid? or new iphone? The only thing I don’t love about the droid is that it is the worst at taking pictures, it is so slow and by the time the pic has been snapped, Isabelle is in the other room. I know the iphone has a great camera and is lightening fast at capturing the image, which is appealing. But, the driod has a full keyboard which I like. I need my phone for primarily texting, then making short phone calls, and also taking pictures. That’s it. I don’t play games or use fancy aps, though the pregnancy tracker is fun. I don’t care if it has elaborate ring tones or if it glows in the dark or has voice recognition. Texting, calls, and photos people, that’s all I need. What do you think? Do you love your iphone? Hate the touch keyboard? Swear by the driod?

3 thoughts on “a bunch of media.

  1. Well I just have an iPod touch but, same deal. One reason I love the touch keyboard is bc it is silent, ie I can be writing this while I nurse my daughter. Added hours of productivity to her baby days when all I did was sit in this chair! Also the screen clarity compared to the androids I have seen (and gen 1-3 of the touch) is beyond awesome. It would be a big favor for your eyes!


  2. Get the droid 3 which came out supposedly with a better camera. Do you use gmail and picasa like I do? if so, dont go to the dark side (even if they have cookies), since these work less well on iphone. Like you, I NEED the keyboard, making the droid 3 the only real option in that category. Good luck Mic.


  3. My husband works for Verizon! He ditched his iphone after only a couple of months for the Droid 3 (and I got the hand-me-down iphone). The camera has 8 mega-pixels and HD video recording, and faster than the iphone. I am not sure that I like the iphone, I also like the actual keyboard and may be going back to my Droid 2 before too long….also, I agree, Shark week did not deliver this year, I was also disapointed!


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