Jazzy’s day.

Yesterday was Jazz’s birthday… I know I’m a day late and a dollar short but he still loves me and I’m good with that. We had a busy weekend at the lake/seeing movies/eating food in his honor.

Saturday night Isabelle decided it would be hilarious to remind us of her younger days (and what we are in store for in about five months) by hosting a party in her room from 3-6 AM. No rhyme or reason, just a happy baby chatting and talking/whining and yelling MAMA. As a result, we were both zombies for the majority of the day. It was like hey happy birthday let’s take a nap.

Jazz had his favorite breakfast cereal, opened some fabulous presents, got to watch Nascar, and had some ice cream cake. All in all it was a great day.

Ps dear baskin robbins cake decorator? I’m pretty sure Isabelle could do a better job.
Quick random facts about Jazz:
        Jazz was born in the 70’s!
        He loves old 80’s cartoons. He’s made me watch He-man about twelvety times.
        He scratches my back every single night before I fall asleep.
        He has bluest blue eyes. (I hope one of our kids snags them)
        He says he hates my girl tv shows but secretly he loves America’s Next Top Model.
        His hard wheezy laugh makes me giggle.
        Man, does he love mayonnaise. And peanut butter. But not together.
Happy Birthday Mr. Sorensen!

3 thoughts on “Jazzy’s day.

  1. Happy Birthday Jazz! Kids always give the best birthday presents. 🙂


  2. Hmmmm, maybe I need to try a Peanut Butter and Mayo sandwhich sometime………sounds delicious!!!


  3. He probably loves Project Runway, too. Happy Birthday, Jazz!


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