the rest of Utah.

One of our favorite parts of being in Utah was seeing our Sorensen side of the family. Isabelle would have been fine if we left her there forever, she loved seeing her cousins/aunt/grandparents.
Izzie and Ellie playing with a doll stroller.
Miss saucy did not want her picture taken.
This is Dayton, Izzie and Ellie. I think Isabelle looks so much like Dayton- especially his baby pictures.
I love this picture- Isabelle was SO TIRED and she just let Ellie hold her while they watched Cars. She actually snuggled!

Jazz’s mom just moved to a wonderful house up in Willard, Utah. It sits on this big open land and they have chickens and big dogs and a bison lives next door! Isabelle was in heavvvvvven. Bobbie and Mike were such gracious hosts- the cooked us delicious meals and had such a comfy bed for us to stay in. We really didn’t want to leave. The big yellow dog in this picture is Lily and despite Lily having 80 pounds on Isabelle, Isabelle was zero percent shy. Also, Ellie and Iz are holding hands! Presh.

I’m pretty sure this chicken is named Coocoo. Cuckoo? Meaning, crazy. I wish you could see the full smile on Isabelle’s face.

Saying goodbye. We just didn’t have enough time!

OK so awesome story. Because we were leaving from north of SLC, our Garmin told us to go north and catch up with 80 some time past Winnemucca. We took a chance and did what it said and we were pleasantly surprised to have some really beautiful scenery just near the Idaho border. We were driving along and noticed a big shadow on the road in front of us.
Not a shadow. A cattle drive. With real cowboys wearing chaps. And a cattle dog. And ropes and hats and everything. Seriously the best part of my day. I would totally go that way again. Though next time we might bring toilet paper because there are not a lot of restrooms. Not revealing how we found that out.

Isabelle did so great in the car for thirteen hours twice in a week. Car Champion! Except. On the way out, we were about an hour out of Redding, feeling so good and ambitious, and Isabelle got a bit car sick and barfed. Not like spit up a little stuff, like full-on breakfast and milk vomit all over everything. We stopped at Susanville and bought some chlorox wipes and febreeze to take care of the mess, but the smell lingered. We really thought we did a great job cleaning up.. until about 2 pm when Jazz reached under the carseat and came back with a handful of… throw up. Worst parents ever. How did it even get under there??? We love our carseat and it washed out great once we got to Utah. Isabelle didn’t even cry, just wanted to watch a movie for awhile. Once a movie was over, she would sign “more” over and over. How can you say no to that?
Next time we will have to plan a longer trip, we just loved spending time with our family. (And the chickens and the dogs and the bison.)

1 thought on “the rest of Utah.

  1. When I was a little girl we drove from Grand Junction, CO to Provo/American Fork, UT 14 x each year. Often we would run into sheep coming down the Spanish Fork, or Soldier Summit canyons and have to stop for them to cross. We'd shout out to the sheep herders and ask if they were “Chipman” sheep. Sometimes they were and we were so excited that we knew those little sheepies. I think Uncle Ray's sheep were usually up in Provo Canyon area around Sundance in the back of Timpanogos, but sometimes we thought they were ours anyway.Those roads today couldn't handle such interruptions, but I'm glad you got a little taste of the old days. Doesn't your dad have an old picture of this in his office somewhere?


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