odds and ends.

You guys, wasn’t that a super fun surprise! Did you even see it coming? I am the worst secret keeper in the world and it is so hard to keep my mouth shut about stuff like this. I had to be extra careful not to blog/tweet/facebook about certain foods or how tired I am/was. So, officially I am due January 9th, which puts me at 11 weeks 2 days pregnant. Which also means that I will be so huge by Christmas time, I will be available for hire as jolly saint nick.

It’s amazing how much I have forgotten about being pregnant with Isabelle. I seriously can’t remember what it felt to be 40 weeks and so miserable and uncomfortable and round. I’m sure that’s why people have more than one baby- they maybe forget how awful labor/delivery was or how sleep deprived they were at the very beginning. This time around, some days I swear I feel so different so IT MUST BE A BOY. And some days I’m like this is the exact same as last time so IT’S DEFINITELY A GIRL. The nice thing is we are thrilled either way- a sister would be so fun, but it would be great to have a brother too. One thing that is new to me is a complete aversion to really rich, sweet treats. Like wedding cake. And Sprite. Just the thought of it is really disgusting and makes me cringe. Weird, right?

Isabelle is oblivious and will be for awhile, probably until we bring this new baby home. I’m interested to see how she reacts to a sibling, and how I react to sharing time between two babies. Isabelle is getting bigger and more independent but she will always be my firstborn baby girl. My memory of being pregnant might have faded a little, but I will never forget what it felt like to hold her for the first time-she is that tiny being who made me a mother.

For now it’s nice to know we have some time til this baby is due to join our family, and we can relax for the summer and play in the pool. Did I mention my parents are moving? Like, right now? Don’t worry it’s just around the corner to this fab new house but it still makes me sad to see my childhood home be turned over to someone else. (Just kidding Mom I’m so excited!) (30/70.) Between the two weddings, a vacation, selling their house and moving into a new one, my poor parents have been super busy. Mom needs a nap. And maybe some ambien.

I still need to blog about the rest of our Utah trip, and do an update on Isabelle because she is SO FUNNY at this stage. Almost 21 months. She think’s shes three, no big deal. Now that we are home again and settled in, I’ll get back to blogging, promise.

1 thought on “odds and ends.

  1. Congratulations!!!! How fun fun fun. You will be giant by Christmas, but I think it's easier than being giant in the hot summer when you have to wear fewer clothes and everyone can see the giantness.Your parents are moving?? That makes me sentimental.


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