Summer Bucket List

Isabelle picking berries.

Technically summer has been here for awhile but I just barely feel the exhale from our busy spring and finally feel ready to enjoy the heat. And by enjoy I mean sweat or stay inside, it was 110 degrees last week. I was thinking the other day about my how I spent my summers as a child, and I think we went swimming every. single. day. After our music studies, of course. “Set the timer!” Right around lunch time, mom would bring out tuna fish sandwiches with pickles and we’d sit on the patio and eat in our wet swimming suits just long enough to dry off, and then be back in the pool. Some of my favorite memories are playing games with my brothers and sisters and the neighbors and friends and anyone who knew how to swim, they were invited.

I know Isabelle doesn’t care what we do this summer. She would be perfectly content to watch Tangled every moment of every day probably the rest of her life, but of course I’m a mean mother and won’t let that happen. But I still want to fill the next few (warm) months with fun things for me and for her. Soon enough it won’t just be “me and iz” and I gotta make this time count!

Personally, I work so much better when I have goals written down, for some reason it is so much more motivating than having a list in my head. That’s why you will find zillions of papers around my house with grocery lists and baby names and stuff not to forget just scribbled down. It works for me.

Summer Bucket List
1. See Harry Potter
2. Refinish our corner hutch for the kitchen
3. Learn how to make homemade potstickers
4. Visit turtle bay
5. Go on a date to Kobe
6. Turn 27
7. Visit the temple
8. Swim until we are pruny
9. Take Isabelle to the lake
10. Put Isabelle in swim lessons
11. Hit up story time at the library
12. Roast marshmallows over a fire
13. Take Isabelle to the dollar theater
14. Attend the farmer’s market
The rules are I can add or subtract anything I want at anytime for any reason. That’s why I’m in charge. This week- maybe the lake, possibly the dollar movie, definitely the swimming pool. What are you doing this summer?

2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. I'll help you with number three. P.s. this is your little sister in Phoenix, I only know how to be anonymous


  2. I am soaking up every moment I can with my two boys! I am dreading going back to school in the fall. We are going to the pool, story time at the library, days at the park, movies, you name it! Wish we lived closer so we could go to the lake with you!


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