Maui, the middle section.

More maui stuff! Are you shocked? I know I say this every time but this is my journal and so I don’t feel guilty posting all these pictures about my vacation. You can’t make me!

Jazz and I left Isabelle with the one million other adults so we could have a date. We love the melting pot. The melting pot loves us. But we don’t live near one anymore so we had an early anniversary date in Maui over fondue. If you go, get the Wisconsin Trio, it’s our favorite.

Baby Jake and his pirate hat! This kid loved to sit in the “hot tub.” It was next to the kid pool so it wasn’t too hot.

I had to share this picture because I think Isabelle’s hair is curly! Mostly it’s just fluffy, but the bottom curls, especially after it’s wet. So cute.

Last day for Rachel and Jake.

We always go on this drive up and around the coast to Lorraine’s. She operates a teeny shaved ice place out of her garage, and she is ALWAYS there. I have pictures at Lorraine’s from when I was like, 14.. she is kind of like Maui legend. This year I got to take Jazz and Izzie… the view on the drive is really amazing.

Bananas just growing on a tree like it’s no big thang.

We got a slice of her banana cream pie and I’m not exaggerating when I say it is the most amazing pie I’ve ever had. And I like pie. She lines the crust with chocolate. Kill me, right? Isabelle loved it.

Can you see Lorraine in the back? She’s been doing this for thirty years.

More pool time. Isabelle was obsessed with these fountains. She would fill up a bowl of water and bring it over and dump it on me. Over and over and over.

This is how Izzie looked 90% of the time. It’s too hot for pajamas, and if she wears a shirt she magically disposes of her diaper. So we went with the onesies.. though they stretched out during the night so it looked like she was wearing little man shorts.

One day we found this gem of a blow up toy- a police car for infants. Isabelle thought it was awesome and cried when we had to take her out. She was too heavy for it though.. it barely stayed floating.

Meet Leilani. Leilani is Olivia’s Hawaiian cousin. My family was out shopping one day while we were visiting Lorraine and JaNae spotted this BlaBla doll like Olivia. My dad totally flipped over it and had to buy it. Isabelle is completely attached to this mermaid and now she carries both of them everywhere.

PS can you see her raspberries on both knees? She would run so hard and so fast because she was so excited… her little legs couldn’t keep up. She fell hard over and over again. We finally had to start carrying her from the elevator to the pool so her wounds could heal.

1 thought on “Maui, the middle section.

  1. Sign me up for some of that banana cream pie with an Izzie on the side…she is just too cute!


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