trip to maui

We’re alive!

We had a fantastic vacation and now have somewhat reluctantly returned to the life of work and laundry and responsibilities. Ironically, we came home to horrible rain/hail 45 degree weather- totally unlike Redding this time of year. You know what comes next, about a kabillion pictures and a play by play of how we spent our eleven days in paradise.

Most of our time was spent down at the pool. This year, we were surprised to see a total renovation on the kid pool to better accommodate the little ones. There was a new tiki hut and fun fountains and the best part is they changed the depth to only about a foot. Isabelle could walk around the entire pool without it getting too deep. We’ve ruined her for sure, she won’t understand why she can’t do that in Grandma’s pool this year.

Probably the best part for Isabelle was having Madilyn around 24/7. When she woke up in the morning, we’d pick her up and she’d say “DOWN.” And point to Madilyn’s room. This is Isabelle’s first ponytail and matching hair bow. It lasted all of about ten minutes.

We also went to church with our big crew (13 people!) and all the babies had matching dresses. Of course by the time we got home from church and wanted to take pictures, there were major meltdowns/nap times threatened. Isn’t my husband so handsome! Whistle!

View from our balcony..

Jake, Isabelle and Madilyn being tickled.
We always go to Cheeseburger’s in Paradise, right on the beach. We are missing Sean, who had to stay because of medical school, and Sabrina and Jared, who were on their honeymoon in Cancun!

Isabelle was not tolerating the length of our restaurant stay so Jazz took her for a walk, and came back with gelato. Nothing says “don’t throw a fit” like a delicious reward of ice cream.

Tiny grass skirt. Miss Saucy refused to wear the coconuts or the shell necklace. Typical Isabelle.

This is Mo and JR. We love JR, he kept us laughing the entire trip with stuff like “How do homeless people, like get to Hawaii?” We are excited for them to be married next week. (!)

more pictures? okay!

JR and Isabelle

Why are swim diapers so ugly.

Probably my favorite picture of the trip. So, so, so Isabelle.

In the afternoon, when the babies’ were sleeping, we’d congregate on beds or couches and grab a nap. Mom, Mo, and me under the horse blinders.

Some of our group rented scooters for a day and had a great time running around the island. Isabelle only got to wear the helmet…

Alright, let’s call it good there…. more to come shortly.

1 thought on “trip to maui

  1. Best. Trip. Ever.It all looks like so much fun! I have to say your pics have so much light in them. Did you get a new lens? I think I read somewhere that you did. Whatever you're doing, it's working!I'm so excited to see you next week.Candace


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