Worth the wait.

I thought I’d leave you this little nugget of a photo post while I am on vacation for eleven days. Eleven is two more than nine and seven more than four and ten more than one. Just in case. I’m most looking forward to all the family time- no agenda, nothing to do- we are not even taking a computer. Gasp! Think of my blog reader when I return, it will be out of control.

(If you are casing my house to rob…we have a large unemployed man house sitting for us. He has a pitt bull. This isn’t my first rodeo.)

Our family pictures were postponed due to horrible weather and we finally had them taken last week. Katie was super quick to edit and mail them to me- she is totally fantastic. Isabelle was 75% cooperative? She suddenly is not amused by anything we do.. it’s really hard to get a big toothy smile on cue. Mostly she just wanted us to leave her alone so she could play in the water uninterrupted. Here are four hundred pictures, which I have carefully narrowed down from five million. I’m so glad we had pictures of Isabelle again, I want to remember every single stage- I love her fluffy hair and her soft cheeks and her greenbrown eyes and her little fingers.

2 thoughts on “Worth the wait.

  1. Those turned out SO ADORABLE!!


  2. i want one. isabelle. not photo.


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