Mrs. Jared Later

I’m sitting in the middle of a dirty house, piles of laundry, a snotty baby, and a long to do list.

But man, did we have a great weekend.

Friday morning we packed up and drove to Sacramento for Sabrina’s wedding. We spent the day visiting the temple, eating at Panera twice, and catching up with all the extended family. Weddings are so fun! But they are so short, and it was hard to see everyone and not get to really hang out for longer than a few minutes.

I definitely didn’t get as many pictures as I thought I would-in fact there isn’t a single one of just me and Jazz and Iz. Stuff is harder with Isabelle, I suddenly don’t have as many free hands available to lug a camera around. It was nice to just enjoy the reception and just let the photographer do his thang, you know?

Saturday was such a beautiful day. The ceremony was so special, the reception was gorgeous, Sabrina was the happiest I have ever seen her in her entire life. And she really looked a m a z i n g.

Also PS- If you want to know more about what happens in our temples, or why we are married inside of them, visit this site or else email me.

Isabelle, Madilyn, baby Kira, and Sabrina’s new niece Hannah all wore matching coral and cream dresses. Isabelle refused to wear the fancy shoes (except for official photos). And guess how long she kept her hairband on?

Sean and Rachel outside the temple after the sealing ceremony. Rachel’s parents made a special effort to come so they could watch Jakob for them. Isn’t that so nice?

Morgan and JR. Have I mentioned how much we love JR? T minus three weeks until their wedding. Yay.

My handsome spouse in his fancy tux with our super cute baby. She wanted SO BADLY with EVERY OUNCE of her body to get inside that fountain. She tried over and over again.

The happy couple exiting the temple! Isn’t she so beautiful!?

This is the cake that Morgan made. You know she’s a pasty chef. And now you know how amazing she is. Seven layers, baked in Redding, transported and stacked in Sacramento. It was so delicious, chocolate with cream cheese, vanilla with cream cheese, chocolate with raspberry, vanilla with strawberry cream cheese. I wanted a bite from every single layer. Well done, Mo.

I zoomed and cropped this shot because I had to show you how gorgeous her hair was. I seriously loved her dress, her shoes and her makeup were very complimentary, but I thought her hair and hairpieces totally MADE her look. So glamorous, so blingy, but so classy and SO Sabrina.

The Adelman’s, some from near and some from far. We love their whole family. Not to mention Whitney (Sabrina’s best friend since forever) literally saved the day on more than once occasion. Need a tide pen? Sure, Whitney has it. A safety pin? Yep, she has that too. Hair spray? Bobby pins? Check and check. 

Me and Scrabs.

These girls are true blue friends. They came from San Francisco to take part in the special day- and they watched Isabelle for us while we were in the temple. They brought stickers and coloring books, snacks and cookies to entertain the girls for an hour. If I could custom order two great friends, they couldn’t get better than Leigh and Mex.

Starting to get tired. Olivia made an appearance.

The Chipmans! Drove all day Friday to spend Saturday with us, and drove all day Sunday to return to Utah.

 This is from Friday night- all of the ladies went to Gelato for a mini Bachelorette. I was high on Benadryl (allergy season is kicking me.) and consequently, look like a floating head.

 My fav girls.

Isabelle fell asleep as soon as we left the parking lot at the country club, she was so tired. She was mostly a great baby, she thought during dinner when everyone was sitting down was her cue to get up and run around wildly. But, she stayed awake until about ten, which for her may as well be the middle of the night. We got back to the hotel about 10:30- and you know how it is, we were so so tired. I took the one zillion pins out of my hair and it looked like this. It took twenty minutes to comb out after I washed it.
Some of my favorite parts of the day:
     -Watching Sabrina’s shining face in the temple, so happy, so deserving, so excited to be married to Jared.
     -Isabelle trying her darndest to get inside the fountain.
     -Sampling the cake. I wish I got more! Next time, I am bringing a giant tupperware. Seriously.
     -Seeing Jazz in his handsome tux.
     -Being with my whole family
     -Seeing all the little details come together for Sabrina’s perfect day.
Alright family and friends, let’s do it again soon! Say, June 11th?

4 thoughts on “Mrs. Jared Later

  1. Sabrina looked amazing! Like you said every detail was perfect…loved everything.


  2. Great pictures. You all look great. I actually like the curl in your hair in the “after” pic! Love your updates.


  3. What an exciting day! Don't you wish we all could have wedding days all the time! 🙂 Sabrina looked fantastic, and so do you might I add! Love that last pic of you! You should wear your hair like that to church! lol… can't wait till you guys get done with the wedding bliss' so we can hang!


  4. It was a success! See you real soon.


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