Mother’s Day

The other day I was putting Nemo on for Isabelle because she loves it with all her heart and I’m really not against a little quality disney movie every once in awhile. Usually I start it just at the opening credits just after Coral (the mom fish) is viciously eaten by some sort of oceanic eel. It’s slightly too traumatic for Isabelle and she doesn’t understand what happens to the other striped fish for the rest of the movie.


I got to thinking how sad it was that Nemo doesn’t have a mom in this particular film. But really, let’s reflect on Disney’s track record concerning a mother figure:

Beauty and the Beast- Belle’s mom is MIA
Little Mermaid- not really sure what happened to Ariels’s mom
Princess and the Frog- We never really see Tiana’s mother either.
Bambi- mother shot dead on camera
Pinocchio- Geppetto is unmarried. No wooden puppet mom.
Tangled- Rapunzel is brought up by an evil woman claiming to be her mother.
Cinderella- Step mother is evil, locks up Cinderella.
Aladdin- Jasmine’s mom is also dead.
Ratatoille: No mother rat anywhere to be found.

Can you see what I mean? I’m not sure what Disney has against mother figures in their ANIMATED CHILDREN’S MOVIES.

Despite Nemo’s dead mom, we had a great Mother’s Day. Jazz always takes time to “help” Isabelle make a card for me with her fingerprints or hand print or messy scribbles. It is my favorite. I feel like a real mom when I have artwork hanging on my fridge.

I made myself a triple lemon cake with lemon glaze, lemon cream cheese filling and lemon butter cream frosting. One of the most amazing things I have eaten in a long time. The recipe calls for lemonade concentrate in the batter, in the glaze, and in the filling. After the cake cools, you poke holes in the top and pour the glaze over the cake and let it sit over night. TOTALLY WORTH THE TIME.

After church, we had the missionaries over for lasagna and cake. I love feeding the missionaries, I always think of the nice people that fed my brothers on their missions, and I feel like I can give back a little bit.
As always, Isabelle is just the best part of my day, and I really can’t imagine my life without her.

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I have never thought about Disney movies and their lack of mothers! How true that is. I sweat Isabelle gets cuter every time I see a picture of her!


  2. haha welcome to media criticism 101! disney never includes moms (or they die), usually is racist (villains usually darker than hero), and make women rely on men for happiness. yay! -gabe


  3. Your hair looks so cute curled! And that cake…YUMMMMO! Can you e-mail me a piece? Especially today because I have some craving that I cant identify what it is exactly. So the cake would do (I think?).


  4. You look GORGEOUS in that pic! And Isabelle is cute as always 🙂


  5. I want the recipe for that cake. Never noticed the Disney things until now…how sad is that? Adorable picture of you and Isabelle!


  6. next time you make that luscious cake, we are coming over! YUM! You are right about mother's in disney movies… My favorite movie is meet the robinson's… and once again… mother disappears at the beginning of the movie! If mr. disney was alive, I'd write him a letter (because everything goes back to the man!) cute pic of you and Izz!


  7. I can't tell you how often I've been bothered by the subtle absence of mother's / evilness of present mothers in Disney movies–which became even more so apparent to me once I was a stepmother. Stepmothers are never depicted in a good way in media. But, I do have to say that whatever Disney's message or belief or reflection of society may be, their last two movies “princess and the frog” and “tangled” have given me hope that girls might have a dream someday other than meeting a handsome prince who solves all of their problems. It happened by chance as they went about pursuing their dream. I love that.


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