“busy being fabulous”

(name that band!)

We are busy.

I know everyone is busy, but this month is cray-zay ’round these parts.

Today was my niece’s third birthday.  I took 350 pictures. Proooobably overkill.

My sister and her betrothed are coming Tuesday. Friday we leave for Sacramento for THEIR WEDDING.

We return late Sunday night. She will be married. And in Cancun.

The following Friday, we pack up and head for our wonderful Hawaiian vacation. FOR TEN DAYS. TEN GLORIOUS SUN FILLED DAYS.

When we return, it is June 1st. And Other Sister gets married the eleventh, in Utah.

See what I mean?

I’m not complaining, because I love being busy, and I especially love being busy doing awesome things such as celebrating nuptials and laying on a beach with my family.

Speaking of staying busy, there is a toddler I know that keeps me right on my toes. (See what I did there? Transition!) With all this warm weather, we have swapped out her closet for more accommodating outfits.  Her tiny thighs look so adorable in shorts, I could just eat them. She has grown out of her shoes- and so I searched for some sandals for her to wear throughout the summer. Saltwater sandals came highly recommended so I bought this pair:

I love them because they are simple- just the one strap… they go with everything. You get the point… I was all excited to get Isabelle dressed the other day and have her wear her new sandals. And I put them on her feet. AND SHE SOBBED. Not like, “hey, what are these new shoes,” more like “mom strapped nuclear bombs to my feet.” She would not take a step. I tried to stretch them and loosen then, bend them so they were more comfortable, I bribed her with a fruit circle to get her to come out of her room and NOTHING. I went back in and she was standing in the exact place that I plopped her down, crying her eyes out. Felt like a great mom.
I tried them on three more separate occasions and still she totally freaked out when they were on her. She hated them. So, I cried a little and took them back. I went to the only baby store in town and while I was looking at some possible See Kai Run shoes for church, I related my Saltwater failure to the sales associate. She handed me a different (code for hideous) style to try, and though I knew Isabelle would hate them, I put them on to humor her.
As soon as I fastened the buckle, Isabelle was off. She was running around the store like the soles were made of marshmallows.  She loved them! And then I knew I would have to pay for the less attractive shoes and let her wear them the entire summer.
I know they don’t LOOK that different. But the heart cutouts…they just aren’t my thing… and the soles are what you can’t see- they look like elderly orthopedic shoes. BUT SHE LOVES THEM. I guess it could be worse, there’s no Dora or Elmo or anything insane like that.
It becomes more and more obvious to me that these little souls from heaven come down with their own fiery little spirits and opinions ready to give. Isabelle often chooses between two tops, or two lunch options. She may be little but she sure knows what she wants!
Coming soon: madilyn’s birthday festivities, mother’s day hooplah, and the story of my new green table.

3 thoughts on ““busy being fabulous”

  1. I just looked up Saltwater sandals the other day 'cause that's what my little boys (navy) and girls (white or ?) used to wear. They were never comfortable for the first few times they were worn but I never had any kid that just refused. Hilarious! (Sorry.)


  2. I just loved the first white sandals so much I just ordered them for my Reese, I really hope I don't get any refusals out of her! I am with you on the cutesy cut outs and cartoonish stuff, though Izzie does cute cute and very happy to have them on, heart cut outs and all!


  3. This is so hilarious! I can completely relate. I told Jer the other day that I am dreading Charlotte having her own fashion opinions. I want her to wear exactly what I want her to, for the rest of her life! I hope it works out for me…


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