how to date.

Going out on a date just isn’t quite as easy as it used to be.

2:30 Baby wakes up from nap. Commence play time.
3:30 Pass baby off to husband. Take a nice long shower. Rejoice.
3:50 Baby reappears. Wants to “help” blowdry your hair.
3:55 Baby puts moisturizer in her hair.
4:00 Baby sits on counter while you do your make up.
4:05 Baby throws MAC brushes under running water
4:10 Baby sits in wet sink.
4:15 Give up and put baby in the bath tub
4:20 Finish hair while singing nursery rhymes

4:30 Try to feed baby dinner. Baby throws food on floor. Not excited to be in her high chair.
4:45 Should have fed baby before bath. Open new pack of wet wipes.
5:00 Pack bag for Isabelle. Include jammies, extra jammies, a hundred diapers, toothbrush, sleep sack
5:05 Peer into closet. Realize all pants are dirty. Find some in the dryer. Rejoice again.
5:10 Baby has removed pants. Change baby into suitable play clothes.
5:12 Sweating.
5:15 Where is Olivia.
5:19. Of course, there she is.
5:20 Run by moms, pick up our pack n play
5:25 Apply lipstick in the car. Not the best idea.
5:30 Arrive at Scott and JaNae’s. Baby is giddy with excitement. Wants out of car.
5:30 Baby runs into Madilyn’s arms, not stopping to look back.
5:32 Drive away.

5:40 Arrive at dinner 20 minutes early.
6:00 Eat the most delicious shrimp fettuccine in the entire world. (nellos.) company is pretty great too.
6:30 Light some bananas on fire, flambe style.
6:45 Have an hour before movie starts.
6:50 Get groceries quick like, unpack and put them away at home
7:45 See movie! Remember jellybeans in purse pocket. Rejoice.
9:50 Retrieve sleeping baby. Hear about her night. Missed that baby.

Isabelle will not let me leave her anywhere but Grandma’s and Madilyn’s- those really are our two options. You can see they had a great time without me though. JaNae blew up some balloons for them to play with and Isabelle immediately put the bottom into her mouth and pulled it until it snapped. Apparently it was hysterical.
I was thinking the other day- what if I didn’t have my family close by? Who would I call? Like a regular baby sitter? A young woman from my ward? A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How did anyone ever let me baby sit their kids? I mean, I was a GREAT baby sitter, I brought a bag full of fun toys and books, I did the dishes and picked up toys, I read stories and played games and never even used the phone once. I definitely did not get paid enough. Would I leave my teenage self with my own daughter? maybe? probably? I’d like to think so. But really, I was just a kid.

2 thoughts on “how to date.

  1. Hahaha oh my gosh that sounds like so much work! But she is adorable. It's my fav when I spot Olivia in 50% of the pics on your blog. She really is a member of the fam.


  2. We don't have family around, and it is CRAPPY. We never get babysitters, we just ask friends in the ward with kids the same age as our kids and trade favors. Even then, we rarely do that.


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