here is the new blog, Morgan.

LAST POST about our trip, I swear. I was looking at pictures from last year and Isabelle looks SO much bigger. And far less cooperative in pictures. Is it just me or are toddlers super tricky to get photos of?

Isabelle is totally mad in this picture because she can see Madilyn getting into the pool without her. Also, I hate blue swim diapers. Have any good solutions?

Madilyn giving two thumbs up to her lava flow special drink.

This was another favorite place to eat, right on the beach, right during sunset. Amazing.

To be married in six days. Six!

Our view during dinner…

Isabelle was fascinated by this window display at our favorite outdoor shopping place.

Love my little family.

On the way home, the check in to the airport took foreverrrrrr. And Isabelle was so tired of being wrangled/held/restricted from running amok, I could barely keep her from wiggling away from me. We finally got all of our bags checked in plus the car seat, and set her down so she could ride the escalator. She was wearing a cute little dress and her fav sandals. I heard a little *whoosh* sound and look down- her diaper has totally fallen off of her bum onto the ground. Jazz said “what was that?” and I answered “Um, Isabelle’s diaper just literally fell off.” I really don’t think I had laughed that hard in a long time- I wish I had time to pull out my camera. She just carried on like nothing was wrong, and I’m sure she appreciated the extra airflow happening. Not really sure why the diaper fell off, it wasn’t extra soggy or anything. Maybe shifting her from hip to hip made it stretchy? Whatever it was, it was hilarious. Had to be there?
Also. If you get a chance to go to the Hula Grill at Whaler’s Village, please do yourself a favor and order the cream cheese crab macadamia wontons. Really, one of the top five best parts of my trip. I will totally be dreaming about them every night until I devour them again…you can’t possible imagine how delicious they are. Do you have a food that haunts you?

2 thoughts on “here is the new blog, Morgan.

  1. the onion cheese soup at la caille. no one will ever understand.


  2. Reusable swim diapers! They are like speedo meets cloth diaper, and I love. Walmart has some, Etsy has some, or you could make your own (read: Cindy could find something at a thrift store and make the most awesome swim diaper of all time.)


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