Friday, Friday.

Today is Earth day/Good Friday/Kick off to Easter Weekend. But really, it is just another day of baby food messes and bathtub time and errands run around our town. A lovely day, really.

I’m back to the debate about my bangs. Isn’t this so stupid? They are excessively long now to be straight across, but they won’t swoop to the side yet either. They fall into my eyes and it makes me want to grab the kitchen shears and head to a mirror. HERE IS THE PROBLEM.

Option 1. I let my bangs grow, despite looking like a creature from where the wild things are. If all goes well, I will have swoopy bangs at sumsion wedding numero uno. in three weeks. Keep them like that for tropical vacation, and for sumsion wedding numero dos early June. My plan is to cut them back to straight across after weddings are complete, so as to not have trendy hair in very important photographs.

Option 2. Cut bangs. Trendy bangs are awesome. Even for weddings and tropical vacations.

Aaaaand the curve ball: about two weeks ago, we scheduled family pictures around Isabelle’s 18 month mark- so we could get some of us as a family, and then do her individual ones as well, because let’s face it I need more giant pictures of my baby plastered on my walls.

I spent about three days furiously running around town trying to find coordinating but not too matchy outfits for the pictures. The weather was gorgeous, so I planned accordingly. This was also the same week as Sabrina’s bridal shower, so you can imagine I was not stressed out at all. Not at all! Wednesday came, I ironed all of our clothes, made sure Isabelle had an epic nap and was full to the brim, and we set out to meet our photographer. If there is anything I am good at, it is being prepared.

We started taking pictures and Isabelle was uncharacteristically not cooperating. Then I realized that it was freezing cold and very windy. and she was dressed for 90 degree weather. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. I seriously didn’t have a single pair of pants for her- everything was skirts and dresses. We took a few photos but after about ten minutes called it quits with a plan to reschedule.

However, my bangs do not have time to reschedule. They must grow. And now they are too long for pictures. I have missed my bang window of perfection.

My family is so sick of hearing me talk about my bangs. I know! Who cares! It’s just hair! There are people around the world that don’t even HAVE bangs! Be grateful!

SO hellllllllp me. Do I cut my bangs to get perfect family pictures? Or let them grow and forfeit pictures in favor of cool wedding hair? The good news is that our photographer Katie did get a some amazing shots even though we had a fusstastic child. Katie is very talented and also happens to be a wonderful friend of mine.

I love this first one because it is SUCH a typical Isabelle face.

And I looove this one of me and mr. sorensen.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It’s already framed and ready to be hung in our room.
All images taken by Katie Luther. 

3 thoughts on “Friday, Friday.

  1. Oh my! So many issues for such great planning. I say cut the bangs because a – they look cute and b – who cares if you look back and think you were trendy. At least they look good now. I don't know. Just my thoughts.


  2. All I have to say is that you have awesome hair. Trendy bangs or swoopy bangs it doesn't matter. Can you pass some of that awesome hair my way? ThanksLove the picture. Your outfits are perfect. Not to matchy matchy, but coordinating perfection.


  3. I love the pictures! You look great btw


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