The Easter Post

Of course there is a post about Easter. How could I claim to be a proper blogger without posts for each specific holiday! With tons of pictures! And clever captions! Ok how about two out of three.

Friday: Cute baby alert. Cute baby loves being outside. All. the. time. I love it too, except this time of year in Redding is all of the tiny bits of pollen get together and stage a REVOLT. My eyes/nose/face do not appreciate this and it makes me want to itch my skin off.


Saturday: Horrible nasty weather. Superfun egg hunt moved inside. Hats required.

Isabelle loved finding treats around the house, but she didn’t really get it. She found the first egg and plopped her bum down on the ground like SWEET I found a TREAT. We had to motivate her to find more.


This is Isabelle’s new thing, and it totally kills me every single time. When something is missing, or she is looking for someone, she turns her hands over in the air and makes a big O with her face and says “Oh! oh! Oh nononon!” She looks all surprised and sweeps the room looking for the object in question.

Her first peep…it was a no go. The carpet enjoyed it thouroughly.

More of her (blurry) “looking for something” face.

Sunday: Actual day of Easter. We had nice morning together before church. Honestly, it was less “rest” and more “prepare.” I played an Easter medley on the harp with the primary children, so I was polishing that up and getting the harp over to the church to tune before the program started. Plus Jazz had a lesson to prepare for the young men, and I had a lesson to get ready for my primary kids. I had ten nine year olds. High on Easter sugar crack. Add a tired baby to the mix and it wasn’t the relaxing morning we were all hoping for.
But really, could this dress BE any cuter? Ruffles just have a special place in my heart.

Aaaand after all the festivities, I realized we didn’t get a family picture. Or a picture of Isabelle really smiling. It’s tricky when she’s hungry/tired/fleeing the scene.

1 thought on “The Easter Post

  1. That dress is to die for! I am obsessed with ruffles…too bad little boys can't wear them! 🙂


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