getting down and dirty.

Isabelle is doing a great job feeding herself. You can see here the majority of the rice krispies made it to the tray. And her bib.
Isabelle, how big are you? Sooooo big!

Yogurt in her hair. A daily occurrence. She thinks it’s hilarious.
More of the yogurt.

If I ask her if she wants me to help her, she says, “NONONnononono” and yanks the spoon away from me. Fiesty.

Here you can see she cleaned the whole bowl of mac and cheese out.
Sleepy-bye baby.

One day she was eating in her chair and I noticed she only had one sock on. One cute socked foot, one cute nekkid foot.
On a totally separate note. Sunday was Isabelle’s first time in the nursery at church. Nursery is for all the little children at church age 18 months to 3, at which point they go into the Sunbeams class in Primary. I have been counting down the weeks until Isabelle hit 18 months- not because I don’t love hanging out with her… but because Jazz and I both teach classes and it makes church sort of a three hour tap dance.
The last month or so, we have been visiting nursery to to get her acclimated- to meet the women and the other babies and get comfortable. I thought the best thing to do would be to go cold turkey- drop her off, tell her we love her and we’ll be back in awhile and that in the mean time she will have lots of fun with her new friends.
Are you laughing yet. Jazz was in charge of dropping her off on Sunday because we were doing a song rehearsal for Easter that I could not miss. After a few minutes, I pop my head out into the hallway to see how it’s going. It’s not. Jazz is pacing. I can hear Isabelle screaming in the nursery. You can also hear my heart breaking into a million tiny bits. A few minutes later, a sweet sister brought Isabelle out and handed her to us.
“I think she got a little upset. She threw up…on me.”
Perfect! So let’s recap. Isabelle likes church. She likes seeing Grandma and Grandpa. She likes running through the gym. Aaaaand she projectile vomits on volunteer nursery leaders! She clung to Jazz for the next two hours, and when he even MENTIONED the word ‘nursery’ she would burst into tears. Poor thing, we have ruined her.
I have to say I did not see this coming. She is usually so friendly and outgoing…but it dawned on me that she really hasn’t been away from close family really ever. Except once, when my sister in laws parents (and they are basically close family anyway) watched her, and Madilyn was there. And when Madilyn is around, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.
Hey Scott and JaNae, looks like Madi is coming to church on this side of town for the next few weeks!

2 thoughts on “getting down and dirty.

  1. she is unreal cute. un-freakin-real. total personality, love it! is it just me or is she a total miniature of your husby? your house is darling, your hair is darling, & your parties are darling. only way i can compete is i have that same highchair. it rocks, no?! haha


  2. I love that stage. So messy, but yet so fun. She is totally a mini Jazz!


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