enjoying spring.

The weather has been divine lately. And that is a big deal since I usually only use the word divine to refer to dessert. I mean, absolute it’s perfection. I’ve mentioned before that Isabelle enjoys being outside, but what I really mean is that she basically MUST BE OUTSIDE AT ALL TIMES. She walks to the back door and pounds on the glass until I can find my shoes and open the door. I appreciate our backyard so much more now than when we first moved in- there is grass and it is all fenced so I don’t have to worry about dogs/strangers/bodies of water. Of course, nothing compares to being in Grandma’s backyard.

I got a new lens. I love it. It doesn’t auto focus. I am learning.
We had a jam packed weekend with visitors from Utah. We hosted a fantastic bridal shower for Sabrina yesterday- so Sabrina, Morgan, and Sabrina’s fiance Jared braved Nevada to be here for the occasion. Jared became the designated Swing Man after he showed Madilyn how high he could push her. She was sold.

The girls sat in their swings for a good half hour before Isabelle made her “all done get me out now” sign.

This is my favorite picture ever. I need an 8 x 10 pronto. And more wall space.

We all sat around outside talking weddings and plans and babies and food.

Her hair is growing! I love that the wind pushes it around so it is mullety. My fav. She is such a happy baby.

Madilyn kept telling Jared, “hi-yer! hi-yer wike da fence!”

And for your viewing pleasure… this photo may get me removed from my mother’s will. But it would be worth it because seriously.

Is she the coolest grandma ever or what?

2 thoughts on “enjoying spring.

  1. Very cool G-ma!! Send some nice spring weather our way!


  2. I ❤ picture filled posts, especially when they contain Isabelle's tiny waving hand!


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