Isabelle 18-months

Dear Isabelle,

Today you are closer to your second birthday than your first- and honestly, where has all of this time gone. The last six months since I wrote you a letter have flown by so quickly! How can I ever write down how much fun you are, how much you have learned, how much we love you?

Oh my word, you are so funny. (I am thinking that for sure you got that from me.) You love to hide, especially in the closet, and when I find you- you explode in giggles. You exemplify the word ‘play.’ You love to play pretend kitchen- with your fake food and plastic pots and pans. You play dolls- feeding them snacks or bringing them to me one by one. You play in the grass and rocks outside where you would seriously live if we let you. No worry that it is raining or night time or freezing cold, it is your world. You love to play (pound) the piano next to me. We sing primary songs together and you clap when we are done. You play with blocks and your wagon and all the little fisher price people. You love to play. Sometimes if I am otherwise engaged and you are commanding my attention, you come and slap your hand on my leg until I say, “Do you want me to come play with you?” And you say “yeeeaaahhhh.”

The weather has been glorious lately, and we have been taking advantage of it before Satan shows up and turns the thermostat to unbearable. With the sliding glass door open to our back yard, you pleasantly roam in and out, carrying toys around or bringing me a pile of rocks. We have a cheese/grape/apple picnic on the back porch, just me and you and Olivia. Perfection. You are such a genuinely sweet baby- you have this unconditional love for me and your dad, for your grandparents, cousins, strange dogs- everyone. You make us so happy with your hugs and sloppy kisses.

Some other tidbits:
-Sometimes you make airplane noises when you are eating. Not sure who taught you that.
-When you are ready to take a bath, you go into the bathroom and pull your towel down and bring it to me.
-You can turn the tv on. You are either a genius or else I am a terrible mother.
-You feed yourself. In fact, you rarely let me help anymore. You say “nonoNONONO.”
-You know how to throw away garbage. Just out of the blue, you started doing it. It’s so cute, the garbage can is taller than you. So far, only trash has been tossed out, hopefully it will stay that way.
-You know how to take your diaper off. By yourself.
-You are SO opinionated! (Also, from me.)
-You know all your animals by picture
-Favorite songs: In the leafy treetops and Eensy Weensy Spider
-You are officially off bottles.
-You fold your arms for the duration of a prayer now. The whole thing! We are working on closed eyes…
-When you discover something new, you point with your finger and your eyes get all big and you exclaim “oh! oh! oh!”
-And, bonus- you are mostly sleeping through the night! Horray!

I know you are so smart, you are constantly picking up on things that I do. When I do my makeup, we pretend to put some on you too- you just want to be a part of everything. I see the way you watch me and learn from me and I love it. I am so looking forward to teaching you all I know about being a woman. More importantly, I’m looking forward to teaching you what I know about being a daughter of our Heavenly Father. There is so much to learn!

When I put you down to sleep, we do the same routine each time. Diaper, sleep sack, teeth brushed, find Olivia. Then I hold you in my arms and I ask you if you want me to tell you a story. And you do, every time. And every time I tell you the same story- you’re favorite story, as I rock you side to side in your quiet nursery.

The sun has set not long ago
Now everyone goes down below
To take a bath in one big tub
With soap all over, scrub scrub scrub!
They hang their towels on the wall
And find pajamas big and small
With some on top,
And some beneath,
They brush and brush and brush their teeth
And when the moon
Is on the rise
They all go up to EXERCISE!
And down once more
But not so fast
They’re on their way to bed at last

The moon is high
The sea is deep
They rock. And rock. And rock
To sleep.

And through your sleepy face you whisper, “A’den.”

Again, Mom, again.

Isabelle, I will recite this story to you every day for the rest of your life if it means you will always love me and need me and want me around. Because I love you and need you and want you around forever, you have changed my life so much in just 18 months.

Sleep well, little baby.

Love love love you,



4 thoughts on “Isabelle 18-months

  1. Oh, the last picture makes me want to cry! Too cute.


  2. I am sitting at my computer weeping as I read this. What an incredible blessing it is to have a daughter. I can feel your love for Isabelle is as strong, hard and deep as my love for Charlotte. Who knew such a love existed until these girlies showed up? You are an incredible mother, she is the luckiest little girl. What a sweet relationship you have. I am cherishing every little moment and so looking forward to each new day. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Such a cute little story, and blessing to be a mother.Good job.


  4. Oh my gosh I LOVED this!!!! Micci, you have a way of wording things that make it so fun to read. Brought tears to my eyes.


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