I finally got the white cabinets I’ve been dreaming of.

Sometimes, your cousin stops by at night with a bedtime treat. And she is willing to share.


Ok for reals, she did share.

Then we made some important calls.

And got some chocolate on our freshly bathed foreheads.

This is Isabelle’s new play kitchen. We got it on Friday afternoon and it literally took me three hours to put together. And then one hour for Jazz to polish it off. And by “polish it off” I mean fix the screws I put in the wrong place. I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of all of the pieces out of the box, it seriously looked like I was building a brand new space station. I know Isabelle is young to have a pretend kitchen but she always loves Madilyn’s when she plays at her house, and we had a promotion code for CSN that was expiring, so we really got an amazing deal. Bottom line, she is OBSESSED with it.

She mixes the food in the pots on the stove, then spoon feeds it to her babies. She puts the hot dogs in the microwave and presses the start button. She tries so hard to carry around the plastic fried egg on the spatula.

(how much do you love that Olivia hangs out wherever Isabelle is. bffs.)

I love the kitchen with all of my heart. First of all, it isn’t bright red and blue and yellow and made of weird rounded plastic. You know how much I love that stuff. The vintage flair is right up my alley. Also, it is very petite, which makes it the perfect height for our 32-inch baby. She can reach everything, but also has some room to grow as well. It’s sturdy without being too heavy, I’m not worried about it leaning or tipping over on accident.

Right before bed, Isabelle decided Eyore needed a bath and proceeded to remove the sink and shove him in in. She turned on the faucet and pretended to wash the stuffed animal. Aaaaand that’s when I resuscitated myself from my cuteness overdose. I’m just glad there wasn’t a tiny garbage disposal.

Now we must schedule a trip to IKEA to get the appropriately tiny kitchen accessories!

1 thought on “I finally got the white cabinets I’ve been dreaming of.

  1. What a great kitchen! I have been looking for years for the right kitchen for my kids. I think I have found it. Thanks!:)


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