hair today…

I finally had my bangs trimmed this weekend, about five weeks overdue…. you know you get desperate and start hacking things youself.. and pretty soon you are looking like your eight year old brother decided to give you a spontaneous haircut. Anyway, I was making my next appointment and had to plan around the sister-weddings I will be a part of this spring.
And I started questioning myself. I mean, are my bangs cool enough to wear to weddings? Will I be THAT girl that has gross dated bangs in all of the photos? Will I regret my trend? Maybe. Maybe I should go back to a previous style? I started looking through some older photos for inspiration. For your viewing pleasure…a few of my finest moments of the past few years. And be thankful I cropped some of you out of these pictures. Embarrassing.
Long and chunky. No bangs. Moonlighted as a stripper.
 This is my “my hair has SOME curl” phase. It doesn’t.
 Short, flippy, and more stripes. Also, fat face.

My betty crocker 1950’s look. Dark, no bangs.
Honeymoon hair, perfect color, a few bangs. Loong.

Longer here, no bangs, no hair dye. (gasp!)
Do not ever cut your hair whilst pregnant. Ohhhhhh my regret. Just know that when you are growing a baby, your brain can NOT make any reliable decisions.
In an effort to correct….only got worse. And shorter.
Longerish. All over dark with skinny stripes.

Dark, short a-line bob.
Long, highlights, swoopy bangs.
More pregnancy hair. I would say it’s basically black. But shiny!
First hair cut after having Isabelle. She was five months…soooo it had been awhile.
Dramatic A-line, lighter color, some side bangs. Trying to make up for my sudden post partum hair loss.
My current dark hair, tapered bangs. Middle part.
OR, We could go back to this!
Yes, that is me. It’s a good thing I had my ears pierced.
Let’s put it to an internet vote. Imagine me- bridesmaid bangs vs no bridesmaid bangs. Thoughts?

6 thoughts on “hair today…

  1. Long hair, long side swoopy bangs!


  2. Side swept bangs look best! Short or long looks cute you!


  3. I am laughing so hard at the picture from when you were little! I had the super short hair too, but I had the big bangs to go with it. I like the swoopy bangs, but seriously you look great either way. I am also jealous of your awesome hair. I looks cute long and short and however you do it!


  4. I do like the bangs but the picture I liked best was the one with you in the orange sweatshirt. Bangs pulled back, long hair. You always look fabulous, i wish i could pull of put together as well as you do!!!


  5. Micci- I love the bangs but I also love the honeymoon longer hair look. I am also a fan of the natural color as well. I don't think you could go wrong! They all look better than my hair so I am completely jealous that you are so versatile!Good luck. Take a pic!


  6. I need to know the answer to the bangs in a wedding as well! I was starting to grow mine out, and then I couldn't take it and cut them. But I'm not sure I want bangs in wedding photos either. I have less than 3 months to decide. I like your longish bangs, but I agree with Amanda, you ALWAYS look amazing.


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