Rain, rain, get thee hence.

Well. We woke up to another dreary day. I want to preface this by saying I LOVE the rain. I love dark drizzly days, thunderstorms, puddles, the whole nine yards. HOWEVER. Weeks and weeks of monotony can get to anyone. Not to mention, how can I spray paint stuff when it is soggy? The main problem here is that we really can’t play outside, and by we I mean Isabelle. She she goes a tad stir crazy.

We do all the familiar song and dance entertainment routines. Movies. baths. coloring. puzzles. pretend. The new kitchen has helped, but every so often she goes to the front door and turns the knob. So sad. We do go to the mall and run around and when things get bad, we head to Grandmas. Grandma has the cool toys and the better food and the giant spring horse to ride.

Yesterday I was DETERMINED to go run errands. We badly needed groceries and I wanted to pick up a few craft items for a project I’m working on. It also happened to be the windiest (is that a word.) most blustery day in recent memory. So we went.. and two hours later returned like drowned rats. Isabelle is at the “take off shoes and socks in the car” stage so I had to lean over her in the pouring rain and reattach her footwear. She did get a new bouncey ball out of the whole thing so I think she was good with it.

I know when summer hits, I will instantly regret my decision to move to Redding and it’s 115 degree heat. I will pine for the days of rain and dark clouds and indoor activities. But this is my blog and really, I can complain if I want to.

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