When I don’t feel good my mom makes me cookies. I recommend them hot, right out of the oven, or cooled and dunked in cold milk. Just my preference. She makes the best homemade chocolate chip cookies ever baked, seriously. She uses some wheat flour so it makes me feel less guilty about eating one. Or eleven. Hundred.
I spent the majority of my week planted on my mother’s couch watching Harry Potter and flipping through Jcrew magazines. About 4 pm everyday I felt so ANXIOUS- like I needed to get out and do something or wash some clothes or mail some important items. I didn’t have to do any of those things but I felt like I needed to, you know? As nice as it is to sit around in a semi-drugged state for a few days, I’m ready to move on and be done with this whole process.

I’ve got stuff to do!

Also, I cut my own bangs, which is always a huge mistake. As soon as I can wear pants again, to the salon I go.
Speaking of pants, Jazz and I are on a “lifestyle change.” I say lifestyle change because I hate the word DIET. DIE-IT. Horrible word. I still have a heffy amount of baby weight left to lose, don’t worry that Isabelle was born in the year 2009, I can still claim pregnancy fat! ok?! So there’s that. And also we would like to be in better shape in general so here we are, on our “lifestyle change.”
It involves a lot of protein and low carb and before you scream ATKINS and roll over dead, it isn’t atkins. Atkins is NO CARB, and I clearly mentioned LOW carb. I personally feel that if we are too strict and never eat things we enjoy, we will cut our tongues off before the year ends. Everything in moderation, you know?
I don’t think Jazz wants me to publish our “results” yet, but we’ve been doing it for almost a month now. I will say that combined, we have lost about 35 pounds. Minus the few post-surgery days when I lived on crackers and toast, we have been sooo faithful. Jazz gets into this like machine mode where he won’t even look at treats and I’m sitting on his shoulder sayng are you suuuree? you don’t want one cookie??? one little oneeee? I’m such a whore for sweets.
We have some extra motivation because we have been invited to this lovely event in May- it’s called The Marriage of My Little Sister Sabrina. Haven’t you heard? Sabs and Jared got engaged recently and I could just squeal for them, I’m so happy! What is it about weddings- they become much more fun once you’ve had yours, it’s way more exciting. If there is something that motivates me, it’s the threat of being in a bridesmaid dress standing next to my hot sister. Yep, that will do it every time.
To recap: Surgery is over, feeling really good, don’t cut your own bangs, Sorensen’s are eating meat, wedding in three months, ready set go.

3 thoughts on “Tidbits.

  1. Yeah for Sabs! I was wondering if she was engaged yet! Exclamation point!


  2. Yeah for Sabs! I was wondering if she was engaged yet! Exclamation point!


  3. Glad you are feeling better. Take it a little easy as you get back into the land o' living.Congrats to Sabrina. WooHoo.Eat well. I'll try too.


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