All is well…

Me, post op, fancy monitor earring courtesy of Nurselady.
Me and BOTH of my ovaries are home. Yeah! Exclamation point! Also, I’m on pain killers! Double exclamation point!
Surgery went very, very well today. They even got me in an hour earlier than I was initially scheduled for. We listened to some Katy Perry in the OR before I went under so basically it was a party- sorry all of you weren’t able to join us. Surgery lasted about an hour and a half, cyst was sucked out, stuff cleaned up, and I was glued back together. We were out and home by 1:30 wherein I commenced the Tivo watching/nap taking portion of my day.
Things I said post op, mostly under the influence:
‘Well he is just a magician doctor!”
“I feel like I ate chalk.”
“You gave me Versed? Is that the stuff that killed Michael Jackson?”
“My eyelids are incredibly heavy.”
“How did my makeup do?”
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and texts sent my way- it really made my day. (The milkshake from mom and dad didn’t hurt either.) Tomorrow, Jazz returns to work and Isabelle and I are headed to my mom’s for a sick day on her couch. She has all the good movies and makes the best toast ever. Though I have to give it to Jazz, he was the perfect nurse (murse?) today, waiting on me hand and foot. Plus, only the best nurses give out kisses.

1 thought on “All is well…

  1. Glad to hear all is well! Don't push it too hard!


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