I’m in love. L-O-V-E.

Danskos. Christmas. Life changed forever.

I seriously wear them everyday, I’m not kidding, they are so comfortable. And I like to think they go with ever-ree-thang. I had always heard that Danskos were comfortable, my mom has had the clog style for like four hundred years. I see them on nurses and servers and all kinds of high traffic people. I decided to try a pair to see what all the hullabloo was about- maybe they would help my feet not hurt.  Mine get especially dry in California and as a result, I get terrible cracked heels. Is that too gross for my blog? Eh.

Btw, Jazz has the most unnaturally soft baby bum feet. Wasted on a man! Unfair.

So I got my shoes. Mine are called the Marcelle in Cordovan Cabrio- I chose them because they were the cutest style and the cutest color, of course. Shiny black patent appealed to me as well but I thought the cordovan would be more versatile. AND IT IS. Plus, they are slip-ons! Exclamation point!

They passed the difficult Disneyland test with the brightest of flying colors…I am officially converted to the clog religion. The best part is that my feetsies feel wonderful. You know sometimes you wake up and put your feet down on the floor and they feel all old and stiff and you hobble to the bathroom? (Just me?) After wearing these shoes for a few months, I put my toes to the carpet and it’s like clouds and fairies and sunshine.

I wish this was a sponsored post and I could give everyone a free pair. If only I was Oprah. “Danskos for EVERRRRYOOOOONNNNNEEEE!”

2 thoughts on “Sole-mates.

  1. i bought some for our italy trip in 2009 and loved them. i walked all of rome with them, in a skirt, and thereby got to avoid being the ugly american AND i was comfortable! yours are cuter than mine though, good choice!


  2. You have inspired me to give them a try, I have always wanted too but always kind forget about them when I am shoe shopping. I think I may go for them in the patent though!


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