Disneyland, Part One. Yes, there are two parts.

Now that my house is clean, our fridge is full of groceries, laundry is semi-done and Isabelle is napping, I’m making good on my promise to post about Disneyland.

We had five days in the park- we flew early Thursday morning and got to the park by about eleven. I woke up in my bed that morning, and a few hours later, was eating a Churro in Anaheim. I love technology. One by one the other family members arrived and joined us at Disneyland- until we were a big group of eleven adults and four babies. Big group!

One of my favorite pictures of the whole trip. “Hey Isabelle do you wanna ride this ride? Hmm.”

This is Jared. And Sabrina. And hopefully they will eventually become Sab-red. If you know what I’m sayin.

It actually got pretty chilly at night, I’m really glad I grabbed these on clearance at Target. Isabelle had no idea what to do with them. Mostly she just waved.

Though she looks uninterested, she really liked the rides she could go on. Especially like Small World- she just sat and looked at everything. This is me fulfilling my role as Scott’s pseudo polygamist wife.

This is how we rolled. Madilyn brought her double stroller so she could sit by Isabelle, and then baby Kira (or Jake, in this case) could ride in the single stroller. Worked great, except when Isabelle wanted to take a nap- this girl likes her space. She kept pawing at Madilyn like “Hey, leave me alone, I’m gonna sleep now.”

We are missing a sibling. Mo wasn’t quite there yet. This is at California Adventure- and I’m so bummed that they are taking out the golden gate. They are re-doing a large portion of the park and this is one of the things to go.

Most of the group- Jared was kind enough to swap places with me so I could jump in. Look at all the babies! New baby Kira is in the bjorn that my dad is carrying. Mo and Chris didn’t get in until that night. Having the three strollers was fun though- especially when we played my favorite game called I Don’t Move For Anyone. Look pedestrians, if you are going to try to walk through three giant strollers, you will likely lose.

When you go to California Adventure, make sure you have lunch at Boudin’s. It is really, really good and a nice change from the greasy chicken and fries park food. This is me and Isabelle, super full after a giant clam chowder bread bowl.

 Isabelle loved Rachel’s racoon hat. We did too. Rachel is awesome.

We were rejected from the bumper car ride because Izzie was seven inches too short. So close! Maybe next time.

While everyone was riding the bumper cars (Max speed, about a quarter mph.) she found all the leaves that had mysteriously appeared on the path and placed them lovingly back in the garden. Is OCD genetic? Her pants are actually overalls, they kill me- they are so cute.

Those that met the height requirement. Sean, Madilyn, JaNae, Jrod and Sabs.

We did the carousel too-

Isabelle was tall enough for this one- of course she rode a whale. Good girl, Iz. Pretty sure I think I have enough enthusiasm for the both of us.
We experimented with the Ergo carrier- Isabelle hasn’t been in it for about six months. She liked it…
.. for about three seconds.
Whitney Kelly, if you are reading this- the hat you gave Isabelle finally fits and she loves it.
To be continued…

2 thoughts on “Disneyland, Part One. Yes, there are two parts.

  1. Don't leave me hanging like that! 🙂 Isabelle is the cutest thing ever. All of the adults look just as excited as the kids to be there. I love it. I seriously can't believe how big she is getting. She needs to stop growing until we can get to see her!


  2. Love this post. Especially the picture with the hat and Izzy! Yes! Come again soon…oh yea, this Rachel.


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