Hello again.

What a neglectful blogger I am- only one post so far this year. Pathetic. In my defense, I have hardly even been home! And even more defense, our 15-month old is really, really active. Really.

Monday night Isabelle and I got home from our five-day Disneyland adventure. Telling you that we had fun is a huge understatement. We had so, so, so, so much fun! I have so many fun pictures to share, I just can’t find the time/energy to get organized enough to post them. But I will! Promise.

It’s only the 12th and I already feel behind this year. Our fridge has soda, cheese, and sour cream in it- if I don’t go to the grocery store tomorrow we will have to eat some of our food storage. Our cupboards are that empty.

Okay, so. To do:

1. Get Groceries, immediately, if not sooner.
2. Upload and organize photos for a two-part Disneyland blog.
3. Get photos from Scott’s and Sabrina’s cameras too.
4. Print recent photos to update our picture frames.
5. Get out and put up Valentine Decorations.
6. Start thinking of Valentine’s Day plans. Likely, burrito and a movie.
7. Finish the 7,000 loads of laundry that have accumulated.
8. Clean house.

I feel better already. And just because she is the cutest, most adorable, chatty child on the planet- some pictures of Isabelle.

1 thought on “Hello again.

  1. I have missed your blogging. Get back on it! Can't wait to see pictures from Disneyland. We might be going in March…want to come and meet us? 🙂


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