New year, new post.


Last night was our first evening home as a family since last year. (Ha!) Okay since December 23rd. And we didn’t even go out of town!  I sort of lost track of how many evenings were spent at my parent’s house since we had family visiting from out of town. Morgan and Sabrina were here for Christmas, then we did a swap at the airport in Sacramento and picked up Sean, Rachel, and 10-month old Jakob. It was like we had to maximize our time with them everyday- Me and Iz headed over after her nap, and Jazz joined us when he returned home from work. Rinse and repeat every day.

Right now my memory card is uploading like 300 billion pictures from our adventures- a lot of all the babies together playing. I took 900 photos this month. Ridiculous. Usually I take about 20 of a shot and ONE turns out with everyone looking/not totally fuzzy. Plus, we all know that if you don’t take a picture and blog about it, basically it never happened.

I think I ate approximately half my body weight in food. How does that always happen during the holidays? Mom sure does know how to feed a giant group of people. Meat! And potatoes! And treats! Delicious. Now I have to trick my stomach into shrinking back to normal size.

Also, Happy New Year! I will not be making any resolutions.

It snowed in Redding! First time in like 6 or 7 years. Maybe longer? Just a light fluffy dusting. Perfect for our first day of the new year.

We learned a new game called Bang! (Exclamation point is part of game title. In case.) Makes for hilarious game commentary. I mean, high-lare-e-us. Jazz’s face was bright red and he was too far gone with his wheezy laugh for us to understand anything he was saying. Scott went straight to his little girl voice, he was laughing so hard. Probably the funniest night in recent memory-definitely the latest I have stayed up in awhile. Was totally worth it to get a midnight kiss from my sweetheart.

We leave for Disneyland in two days. And when I say we, I sadly mean just me and Isabelle. Jazz is on call and can’t get the weekend off. I feel terrible that this is the second time we have gone without him. Does that make me a horrible wife? 60/40? The rest of our Sumsion family will be there for a weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth. It will be significantly less happy for me without Jazz.

Morgan is engaged!

I realllly need to do an Isabelle update. She has done so many new things lately, I can hardly keep up. She deserves her own post though- maybe in the next few days. She just gets cuter and cuter and cuter. And then cuter.

Should I add pictures to this post? Ehhh. Okay, I will.

Bath time!

 Here, let me wash your tummy.

 Boys laughing so hard, I thought they might explode.


And bow. All finished.

 The maiden voyage of The Wagon.

Ok Utah friends, don’t laugh, this was a huge deal for us.

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