The Christmas Post, An Anthology

So much to talk about! So many pictures! Where to begin?
Pre-Christmas Crap:
 Isabelle saw Santa at our ward Christmas party- and did pretty well! No tears even.
She finally got to wear her fancy Christmas dress to church.
And we attempted a selfie. It’s hard. We need a live-in assistant. Morgan, you interested?
On Christmas Eve, we always have a crab feast with our family. No plates- just a heavy paper liner and your hands. Holy hell, it was so delicious. I cracked the leftovers single handedly, just over three pounds. I like to think of myself as a sort of crab connoisseur, you see.

Olivia, Isabelle, Me, Mo 

Baby Kira! Looking festive.

We also do a live nativity on Christmas Eve, this year complete with costumes and music. It was a total success! Always a highlight for me. It is nice to take a break from the presents and lights and focus on the most important part of Christmas-the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We probably laughed a little bit more than was appropriate. That’s ok, right?

Madilyn was our literal and figurative star.

Isabelle opened her Christmas pajamas (another family tradition) though we later confirmed that she does, indeed, hate wearing fleece.

I just wanted to nibble her cheeks and squish her silly “Oh no, Margaret! Too young!”

Later that night, Jazz and I came home to set up our first real Christmas at our first real home. It was kind of special to arrange things the way we wanted them for our family, and to start traditions of our own. As we went to bed that night, I was so giggly and excited, who knew that being in charge of Christmas would be so much fun?

Like our tiny little tree? It was perfect this year.
Christmas festivities:
Christmas morning was so, so much fun. Isabelle loved opening things and playing with boxes and paper. I think she loved her new toys? She was sure excited about all of them. I agonized over exactly what to give her for Christmas, and she looked so adorable opening them and playing with them all day it was just perfect.

PS The Entertainment weekly was in my stocking. It is not for Isabelle. 
Then we went to Grandma’s, where it REALLY got fun. I think Isabelle wore a hole in that slide on day one, I kid you not, she is obsessed with it.

More delicious food with our family. The theme this year was: Eat a lot.

My cute sisters. I love that we all look so different. Obviously, some of us look more like Zeus than others.

On Sunday, we all got together for some family pictures after Kira Jane was blessed at church.

 Any tips on getting clean pictures of a toddler who NEVER STOPS MOVING.

Are you still reading? This may be the longest blog ever written. Today we drove the girls back to the airport and swapped them out for a new set of family- Sean, Rachel, and Jakob are here until Monday. More play time! And I’m sure more pictures. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas weekend with your families! I know we sure did. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

2 thoughts on “The Christmas Post, An Anthology

  1. Wow so many great pictures! I love the pic of Isabelle in the wagon with entertainment weekly. Ha.


  2. I am obsessed with Isabelle's Christmas dress. It is so cute. Love all the pictures. Glad you guys had a great Christmas. As usual you look amazing in every single picture.


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