Disneyland: Part Deux

Surprise! More pictures! Really, all of these photos are for our long distance family members who we don’t see very often. Also- secretly a lot of them are because Isabelle is just so. dang. cute.
This was definitely Isabelle’s favorite ride. We did it a bunch of times.

Isn’t this one so adorable? Jake is like this hunk of kissable skin and fluff. So much fun.

These girls are the best of friends. I can’t wait until Isabelle can talk so they can have tiny conversations.

This is a terrible picture but if you could just SEE how happy this balloon made her- for twelve dollars, you too can have a light up Mickey Mouse balloon. Actually, it has been worth every penny. It is still floating and lighting up right here in our living room. (There is an on off button. And also we did not take it on the plane. fyi.)

One of my favorites from the trip. Have I mentioned that Small World was her favorite? Cuz it was.

It’s really hard not living by my sisters. We text and talk and stuff but it just isn’t the same as sharing an apartment. I hate/love that Sabrina is so pretty. Even though we call her Zeus sometimes.

Look at us! We are soaking wet! We rode Splash Mountain twice in a row at eleven pm in freezing weather. Okay it wasn’t freezing because it we were in Southern California but it was coooooold. The tram ride is always extra special when you are soggy-it’s tradition though. Plus it was a good way to initiate some of these boys into our family. Guess who sat front?

Isabelle ate directly from an ice cream cone. And loved it.

We spent a good portion of the trip standing by strollers and saying, “Hey, where is everyone?” or “What are we doing now?” or “Whose turn is it to buy a round of churros?”

We waited in line to see Mickey Mouse- which incidentally was MUCH longer then ten minutes. The house just kept winding around and around and around. Isabelle did pretty well- after like three seconds she was like “Thanks but I’m done. Next.”

Is this not the cutest thing ever? JaNae made Madilyn’s Belle dress for Christmas- and by made I mean totally from scratch. Impressive.

We are always so extremely sad to leave the park-usually it’s mom who runs around until midnight closing everything down. I really do wish we live closer- I’m so envious of my brother and his family who just pop over once in awhile to see what’s new or to get a corn dog. Could you imagine? Just like get in the car, let’s jaunt over to Disney. No big thang.

Best part of the trip: Showing Isabelle everything, seeing my family.
Worst part of the trip: Not sharing it with Jazz. That was a major bummer Also, believing my wedding band was lost. That was a rough morning.
Churros consumed: Five. Corndog count: Three. Pictures taken: 411. Done and done.
Now when can we go back?

3 thoughts on “Disneyland: Part Deux

  1. Such great pics, Micci!!! We love D-land too – but don't get to go as often as I'd like. I love the pic of your Dad in the teacups…oh that's right…he's the ADULT!! 😉


  2. PS: I can totally relate to the Mickey's house experience!!! Ummm. The mouse lives in a rat hole if you ask me…poor Lilly was so over it by the time we got to the little hole in the back room where Mickey and Minnie are doin' their thing that we almost knocked them over trying to get out! As much money as those mice are making you think they could spring for a better crib for the poor things, right???


  3. I was looking at your pictures (the first one in this post specifically) and Aidan asked me who it was. I told him it was my friend Micci. He said “oh, i get it! Mickey & Minnie!! :)Looks like you guys had fun.


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