Baby Gift Guide 2010

You are probably done shopping but IN CASE YOU AREN’T. Presenting my *first annual*

{What to Buy Baby Guide 2010}
I consider myself to be sort of a connoisseur of baby crap (not in the literal sense.) I really like to research and learn everything to make the most informed decision possible- because we all know how PIVOTAL buying a stroller can be. Anyway, I digress. Here are a few of my favorite things that would make wonderful Christmas gifts.
1. The Zany Zoo

Isabelle received this as a gift for her birthday and she has LOVED it. It has all this crazy sides and things that move around and wiggle. The little beads on the top move back and forth, there are hidden wooden animals to slide around- it has kept her totally enthralled. Plus, the best part is that it is NOT HIDEOUS. It’s cute even! Exclamation point! I’m sure it would be great for a younger baby too- help them pull up and stand, work on those tiny calf muscles.

2. Aden and Anais Sleep Sack
You are probably thinking, “lame gift” but really, this has been a lifesaver in our house. Izzie was one of those babies that loved to be swaddled, and after she grew out of that at about 6 months old, she could NEVER keep the blankie on her. We keep our house a tad cooler at night because I grew up with She Who Rules the Arctic and we needed a way to keep Isabelle warm without checking on her every five seconds. Behold: the sleep sack. The bag is made from 4 layers of muslin all sewed together so it is very warm, and very very soft. The zipper zips from top to bottom so Isabelle can’t houdini her way out of it. We bought ours half off from and they get featured every now and then. Keep your eyes peeled!

3. Red Ryder Wagon
This is what Santa is bringing Isabelle for Christmas this year. Originally, Santa wanted to bring the adorable vintage metal Red Ryder wagon, but Santa’s husband thought the plastic one with seats would be much more durable and practical for our tornado daughter. Santa conceded. I’m really excited to take Isabelle around the block in this. Madilyn will love it too. When we were tossing the idea of the wagon around, Jazz said, “I just really can see this under the tree on Christmas morning with all of her presents piled in it. It would be perfect.” Aaaaaaand sold.
4. BlaBla Doll
This is actually a “boogaloo” and not a doll but you get the idea. Blabla is an eco friendly company that makes dolls, rattles, mobiles, clothes etc. They first caught my eye when I was looking for ideas for Isabelle’s nursery and saw their line of mobiles. We gave this to Isabelle for her first birthday, thinking if she didn’t like it, it would look cute on her shelf but OH NO. Isabelle had totally different plans for Olivia. She loves this thing- I mean, carries it everywhere, goes in the car, snuggles to sleep kind of love. It is one of the first objects she has really attached to, kind of like her version of a blankie or a paci. It is extremely soft, and washable which is a must, considering she has had dirt, spaghetti sauce, pear juice, and a myriad of other substances smushed in her knit-ness. I bought it on a discount site ( for half off, and we have since purchased a back up in case the REAL Olivia gets hurt or kidnapped or maimed, because HEAVEN FORBID. Isabelle is getting a different style boogaloo for Christmas and I hope she likes it just as much.


5. Haba Nativity Set

While looking for a toddler friendly nativity set, I came upon this adorable one by the German company Haba. Hand crafted wooden toys from a foreign country? I’m totally in! However, at $98 this just seemed a bit much for what we are looking for. (!) You can do what we are doing this year, giving Isabelle the Fisher Price Animal Sounds Stable- which is basically the same thing. Lots of farm animals, a stable for a manger- all we have to do is round up some biblical people and we’ll call it good. And, thanks to Costco, it’s affordable for all. Wasn’t there a tractor present in Bethlehem?
6. Melissa and Doug Knob Puzzles
I always find Melissa and Doug toys at my fav. TJ Maxx for a huge discount. This big puzzle was 40% off regular price, so I snapped it up for Isabelle’s birthday in October. The big wooden knobs make it super easy for her to move the pieces around and she is starting to learn that certain shapes go in certain places. Also, they travel pretty easy to church- is it just me or is it hard to find things to entertain toddlers that are small, quiet, and semi-reverent? Impossible.
I’m sure a one-year old would even love a paper sack, so I don’t think it matters too much what you buy. But if you are like me, and you care a great deal about baby gifts, there you go.
Someone asked me what the discount sites are that I check. I have a few of them- I don’t check them every single day (like if I’m definitely dead or nearly dead or having a baby or something) but they sometimes have awesome steals that I can’t pass up. The original baby steal website, one feature at 8 AM and again at 8 PM daily The sister site of BabySteals, with items geared more towards older kids Great steal all the time until they run out. When they run out, a new steal is featured. They have cute shoes all the time for 60% off! One of my favorites. Features one item a day at 8 AM MST. Eco friendly baby items, one per day at 8 AM EST This is a sign in, members only page but it is free to join. Often they have high end or organic items. This is another sign in website, but it is also free. They feature a little of everything, from strollers to clothes to nursing gear. My most favorite site.
Make sure you check the shipping policy, some sites are quicker than others. I feel kind of exposed sharing my stealing secrets with you. But we are friends, and friends share, right? Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “Baby Gift Guide 2010

  1. There's this whole world I knew nothing about! But this may have been a dangerous post for me to read… I went straight to Mamabargains & bought their featured item, gorgeous bronze toddler shoes. At 3 in the morn. By iPhone. Aww crap.


  2. All of your secrets are exposed. Maye now I can get a good deal. Tanner got that wagon last year from Santa with all his gifts in it. It was perfect and he loves it.


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