Harp Concert

I have to write this post while it’s fresh on my mind, even though I have more Christmas stuff to blog about, including Isabelle’s first Santa visit. (a success!)

Last night was our “A Christmas Promise to Keep” harp concert at the Cascade Theater. We have been rehearsing together for weeks now- there were 24 harps total playing nearly two hours of our ensemble music. Sounds good, right? Well, I think it actually was good. We sold out our theater completely, all 1,000 seats! I was a little nervous, one because my family was there watching, and two because I haven’t been on stage with the harp in a while, since before Isabelle was born.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel practicing regularly again, learning new pieces or performing on stage. But it felt really, really good. I know I get caught up in the “Isabelle’s mother” title that I forget that I have other talents besides wiping baby snot. My identity has changed since having a baby- my priorities are a little different, but I don’t want to let Old Micci die completely. Last night was a reminder to me that I can still have goals not directly related to child-rearing- I am an individual as well as a mother.  Most importantly, I felt like I played well. I practiced, I knew my pieces, I had a lil solo stuck in there which went just fine. And hallelujah, it’s over- on to Christmas!

PS Thanks to my sweet husband, who fed, bathed, bottled, and put down Isabelle many nights in a row while I was out gallivanting with the harp. A highlight of my night was seeing his beardy face up in the balcony supporting me. xo.

My wonderful neighbors

3 thoughts on “Harp Concert

  1. Sold out the whole theater? Wow! What a great fundraiser. I vote it becomes a new tradition.


  2. You look great! Fantastic even! Do I detect a Bump It?


  3. You look great! Fantastic even! Do I detect a Bump It?


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