Strike the Harp and Join the Chorus.

(Heyyyy, that harp looks familiar!)
 Come one, come all! A week from today we are performing “A Christmas Promise to Keep” at the Cascade Theater in Redding.

“The glorious sounds of Christmas, provided by over 1000 strings, will fill the Cascade Theater this holiday season! The Ars Angelorum Harp Ensemble, featuring over 20 harps, will perform Christmas carols and seasonal music selected by the late Rocky Main. Rocky was a harp student and generous benefactor to the local chapter of the American Harp Society. It was one of her dreams to have members of the local chapter perform a Christmas Concert at the Cascade. Her poetry will be read and woven into the tapestry of the music this evening. It will be our promise to her that we celebrate this night.”

I started taking harp lessons at about 12 years old, and Rocky was always a part of our local harp chapter. She was a wonderful lady who loved all forms of art- she died of cancer last year and we are honoring her with this concert. I know it sounds sad but really it is a celebration of her life and the things that she stood for.

It’s been really fun to participate in a harp ensemble again- I haven’t done that since my BYU days. Plus, we are wearing matching dresses! It’s a must see. Since I’ve been moving the harp for rehearsals, my three-piece harp case has been laying around a bit more than usual. Isabelle found it, got in, and then couldn’t figure out how to get out. I’m thinking it’s an excellent baby sitter. No?

Anyway, come to the show! Tickets can be purchased online at Cascade Theater website, or at the box office upon arrival. Wednesday, December 22 at 7:30.

4 thoughts on “Strike the Harp and Join the Chorus.

  1. Oh how I wish that I could come. Maybe I could convince Garrett to fly me out. Good reason right?!? Listening to you play the harp is amazing.


  2. I love how she how the advent calendar in hand, i can just picture her carrying that around with pride. Oh how I love my daughter.


  3. Remember how we all loved that you played the harp freshman year?


  4. I haven't listened to you play the harp since you were about 12 years old. It would be a great treat for me to come, but time does not allow. Post pictures and even a link for some cool harp music if you have one. I'd love to be part of so many of the things your family is involved in. Have fun, and enjoy.


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