San Francisco Treat

Last week mom and I took a little jaunt down to San Francisco to meet up with our Kansas friend Cheryl and do some shopping. Cheryl and her husband used to be neighbors with my parent’s waaaaaaay back in their Utah days. Cheryl was in town for a medical conference but had some time to spend with us and so we ran around the city like total tourist idiots.

We went to the de Young museum where they are hosting an Impressionist exhibit from the De Orsay in Paris. Be still my heart, Impressionism is my total art favorite and I turn into a glossy-eyed staring goon when in its presence. Monet, Degas, Seurat, Picasso, and my favorite- Paul Cezanne. It was a really beautiful exhibit and totally worth $25 bucks.

Except. They don’t allow strollers. Or baby backpack systems. You can’t let your child walk on the ground. You can’t put them on your shoulders either. Sooo.

So. Erm. We had to carry Isabelle. Now, my child is not cuddly. Normally she doesn’t like to be held. But if she does she MUST FACE OUT. We did pretty well bouncing her around between the three of us, but it definitely put a little pressure to roll through everything a tad quicker. After all, we were holding a tantrum time bomb that could go off at any given moment. Isabelle liked it? I hope? Well, she did according to the old couple that stopped me to tell me that I was “doing the best thing for that child.” I wonder if they would feel the same way if they knew I would totally have strapped her in her stroller in a hot second if it was allowed.

Anyway. The museum sits on a huge lot lot of trees and parks and open space. Isabelle obviously thought this was all for her and ran around happily handing leaves to total strangers who may or may not have been homeless. She was in heaven.

This is how most of my photos from the day look. Because her objective was to run away from me.

Classic Isabelle face. “Mom, knock it off.”

 Yeah, my mother wears yellow pants. And a vest. She is awesome.

More running away.
 Her hair fluff. Which we curl, of course.

It’s weird to see leaves on the trees still. Aaaand she’s actually crying in this picture. Don’t tell, I’m trying to pass it off as smiling.

We also went downtown to Union Square for a few hours and everything was so beautiful. Macy’s is eight stories! Eight! That’s not even the men’s building. Eight eight eight! Usually I’m such an aggressive shopper and just dive right in but I was so blown away by the sheer size of this department store I just wandered for most of the time. Plus, all of their decorations were so festive and bright, we got a glimpse of Santa and he looked totally legit. None of this fake beard business. And the Anthropologie there has three floors. I died a little bit. Anthro always has the most beautiful window displays- a perfect blend of elegance and quirkiness. Like knit mitten Christmas trees. And twist tie branches.

We met up with Leigh and Mex and went to dinner, found out Isabelle goes crazy for clam chowder. Also found out that Isabelle learned to spit out her food once it is a bit chewed. It makes for interesting meal times, especially since she won’t wear a bib anymore. (She pulls on them until they come off, often leaving little velco scratches on her skin. She really hates them.) And then we went up to Ghiradelli square, where I took zero pictures because my face was buried in a peanut butter sundae. So glad to see my bffs for a few hours.

TEETH! Isabelle loves leigh.
I’m thinking this should be an annual tradition!

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