Craving Christmas.

I don’t know what is wrong with me this year, it’s like the holiday elf has bitten me very hard in an inconspicuous place because all I can think about is CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS. I always get excited for The Holidays because it is such a charming time of year, but this year is baaaad. I have opened my Christmas bins in the garage at least three different times just to smell some pine and peek at my decorations. I scored some great deals at the post-Christmas seasons sales, so I have some new items to play with not to mention this year for the first time, My Big And Spacious House to fill.

I have some company coming this weekend (yippee!) and I have seriously thought about putting up Christmas before they get here. Things that are stopping me: It is not Thanksgiving yet. Not even close. We have not figured out if we are purchasing a full size tree. (Not much room for a tree in our previously occupied 900 sq. foot apartment.) How are we going to baby proof said tree from the tornado known as Isabelle? Also, what will I do with my few Thanksgiving decorations?

With this horrific, man-invented time change, it gets dark here at 5:00 pm. Isabelle’s mind is tricked into thinking it is bed time, which it is not, and since it’s too cold slash dark to go for a walk, we went to the mall the other night to play. Everyone has alllllll their Christmas stuff just bombarding me in the face. This tricks MY mind into thinking it is okay for me to start collecting red and green crap for my house. And, with the magic of online shopping, I have the infinite Internet at my fingertips. If you think about it, online shopping is totally okay because you must factor in shipping time. By the time the stuff arrives, it will basically be
Christmas anyway.

This year I would like to find cute Christmas stockings for our family. We’ve always spent Christmas at my parents’ house and haven’t really had a need for stockings. Now that Isabelle is around, and that we have moved to Redding and will be waking up Christmas morning in our own home, it would be great to have stockings of our own. There are some great yet expensive options online, complete with personalized monogramming. I’d also love to get an advent calendar to start a new tradition in the Sorensen household.

So I gotta know. When is it okay to bust out Christmas? And what are your favorite pre-Christmas traditions in your family?

2 thoughts on “Craving Christmas.

  1. I generally say the Day After Thanksgiving, but really I think that rule is just because there are menfolk around on their days off to help put up the big stuff. Are you hosting any Thanksgiving festivities? If so, you'd surely have to wait until those were over to decorate, right? I'm torn over the whole issue because my due date is Black Friday, so who will be around to decorate?!? We've had the same debate over buying a tree and how to best protect it… Wish I were more helpful, but I'm very much in your boat (but also pregnant and probably far less rational than usual.)


  2. The turkey has to be eaten before the first decoration can come out. It's just not right to make that turkey feel he or she is not as important as that stuffed Santa.


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