Anyone else getting scads of catalogs in the mail lately?

Ballard designs, Land of Nod, Pottery Barn, Unique Gifts. All fun to browse through.

Anthropologie had an amazing Alice in Wonderland meets vintage circus theme going on- I died a little bit going through it.

How cute are these teeny pigs?
I swear I could never get tired of Anthropologie.

I’ve also noticed all of the upholstered headboards as of late. We need a headboard for our guest bedroom and I think going the upholstered direction would look awesome in there.

I’m obsessed with grey and yellow, have I mentioned that?
This one from Ballard is so refreshing and clean. I’m sure it would take all of five seconds to get baby entrails on it. Maybe someday…

2 thoughts on “Cataloves.

  1. I had almost every page of the Anthropologie catalog taged…I will take one of everything please. Also one of everything from Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs. They can just come decorate my house for me this Christmas!


  2. I love gray with everything right now. Gray, gray, grey.Love it.And congrats to the cousins on their new (little) addition. I had one that was the same small size. Yikes.


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