cousins forever

Yesterday Madilyn came over to visit for a few hours while her mom had her pre-op appointment at the hospital. We played and had breakfast and played some more. We made a pretend zoo with stuffed animals and snapware. We read books and hid around the couch to surprise Isabelle until she she giggled and giggled and couldn’t giggle anymore.

Soon JaNae came and picked up Madilyn. We walked them to the front door, waved goodbye, and they were off. After we shut the door, Isabelle had a total meltdown. She was SO sad that her BFF left without her, she cried and cried.  I was hurrying to change my clothes so we could go for a walk, and every time I set her down she literally RAN to the front door. She tried so hard to reach the knob so she could break free and find Madilyn. It was the saddest slash cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

As of 9:25 this morning, our family dynamic has changed. Madilyn became a big sister. Isabelle is no longer “the little one” running around. In fact when I held baby Kira this afternoon, I couldn’t believe how small she is. (All nine pounds, ten ounces of her.)
On our walk we found this giant tree looming from a front yard like a big multi-colored symbol of autumn. I love this time of year- the holidays stretch out in front of us, so many fun things to look forward to.
Seasons change. Leaves fall. Families change. Babies are born.
Still finding joy in our journey.

4 thoughts on “cousins forever

  1. Exciting news! I can't believe how big and little Kira is. And Isabelle is a fully walking little human! It's weird and adorable to see her standing at the door.Sean and Rachael and baby Jakob are so cute! And seriously, I could get used to the Irvine living with palm trees and sun year round. That's exciting you guys are going to visit soon. Its dreamy there.


  2. hi. i'm back. omg. isabelle. cutest EVER (cute outfit, too). i love that they're besties! and sweet Kira is soooo cute! i just love your blog. and you're amazing. k, bye bye now.


  3. Kira is adorable. She is one big girl! Those cheeks are just waiting to be pinched.


  4. Micci, what add-on do you use for your textures in photoshop?


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