Obligatory Halloween Post

Was Halloween especially long for everyone else this year? We had three whole days of Halloween festivities. I think because Halloween was on a Sunday, the whole weekend really got drawn out. Not that I am complaining- cmon, cookies and treats and babies in costumes? Yes please.

So how did we choose Isabelle’s outfit?

Fact: Great White Sharks have a lot of teeth. Isabelle has a lot of teeth. (12!)
Fact: Great White Sharks don’t sleep. Isabelle doesn’t sleep.
Fact: Great White Sharks are very long. Isabelle is very long.
Fact: Great White Sharks are apex predators. Isabelle is an apex predator.

The similarities are uncanny. Behold:

I hate to sound biased but shes the cutest shark in the sea. And in all the land. And in the universe.

Side view, with a bow of course. My favorite part is the tiny fin.

We spent most of our weekend with Madilyn and Company. She is Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. Didn’t JaNae do an awesome job on her costume?

Madilyn makes the BEST faces. “Hey Madi, show us your wand!”

I love her little eyebrows.

In case you are wondering. This woman is the SAME grandma from the previous picture. I know I’ve said it before but this just really ephasizes my point: my mother is by far the coolest. People come from all over to see her and trick or treat at her door. She makes small children cry and large children retreat in fear. In a word, amazing.
And every year it gets better.
Aunt Francie

It was so much fun this year to have a real Halloween experience. Last year was fun and everything but mostly she just sat in her pumpkin suit and slept and ate and looked really cute. This year we had a ward party on Friday, the Trunk or Treat on Saturday, and then spent Sunday at my parents’ house. We also went to a few neighbors and treat or treated- we made it to three houses before we called it good and went back for a bath and bed.

In fact, Isabelle was so tired last night she slept the e n t i r e night long. Sounds like no big deal because she is ONE and it is a fact that one year olds sleep through the night, but not our little shark. There was some serious rejoicing going on this morning at our house. I took all of our Halloween stuff down today and now my house looks naked, which tempts me to throw Christmas stuff up but I WON’T. Maybe tomorrow though.

4 thoughts on “Obligatory Halloween Post

  1. Hopefully she doesn't bite. What a cute outfit!


  2. Those porch decorations are SPECTACULAR! Only Cindy can pull of classy and scary at the same time. And her hat?? That thing is amazing.I think you should have dressed in that shark sleeping bag thing from an earlier post.


  3. Such a cute little shark, and the witch is amazing too. Some year you'll have to video the approach and answer to the trick or treat.


  4. I should have known you would have shark! She is the cutest thing ever. I still can't believe she has that many teeth.You mom is the coolest ever. Her decorations are amazing. Now I know where you get it from! Garrett and I were saying this year that we were lame parents for never dressing up…gotta work on that.


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