That’s what I have been saying every day for a week. But today is the day! FOR SURE.

I feel like there is really nothing new to report ‘cept maybe a few things. You will be happy to know that I have NOT put up Christmas yet. There is one do-dad on my bookshelf because it was a gift and I’m not going to put it away only to get it out again. It’s been upwards of 80 degrees this week which makes it difficult to feel very Frosty the Snowman like.

Isabelle has been cuter than cute. Don’t I always say that? What did I ever blog about before Isabelle. Yesterday just before her nap she brought me a book. So I pulled her on my lap and we read it. When we were finished, she wiggled down and walked over to the bookshelf, picked another book and brought it back to me with a HUGE smile on her face. She put her little knee up on my leg like she was trying to climb up me. What could be cuter than that? After that book was finished, she got down again, went to the bookshelf, found another book, and came back. Again, and again, and again, until there were no more books left on the shelf.

We read all of these books. 
I almost died every time she hopped off of my lap and watched her low diaper bum walk around the corner to the bookshelf. I kept thinking she would get bored or sleepy but NO she had to finish. (Something tells me she has inherited my slight OCD). She loves Goodnight Baby and Hippos Go Berzerk. Oh, and the Little Bee.
This is her new favorite place to sit.
The one with the remote kills me.

I’ve had this chair forever, since before Isabelle was born. Jazz thought I was insane for buying a chair for a toddler when we didn’t even have an infant yet but it was TJ Maxx and I knew I would never find anything like it again. That’s what I love about TJ Maxx. (Have you seen their Christmas stuff?!) Anyway, she loves this chair. She loves to climb on it, she loves to put her doll on it, she loves to sit on it with her toys, she loves it.

In other news, I got bangs. I know, huge news, why did I not tell you earlier. I had a pretty crappy week and needed a change and have really wanted them for a long time so I just DID IT. And I love them. Not everyone does, which is expected, but it is so refreshing for me to have something different.

Weird half smile!
I love my new bangs with a ponytail. It makes the tail seem fancier.
Not sure how Isabelle feels about them. Her face is pretty classic though.

6 thoughts on “I AM GOING TO BLOG TODAY.

  1. Love the new bangs. And your daughter is just absolutely cute.


  2. Ooohhhh…you joined the bang gang! I like. I'm taking mine to Disney on Dec 8th!! Can't wait. I will eat a corndog and a churro (or 3) for you!


  3. I LOVE the bangs. Very cute and sassy. I still am obsessed with Izzie's chair. It is the cutest thing ever.


  4. love the bangs…they bring attention to your cute freckles.I love the one of Izzie with the pink cup and her little legs all crazy.


  5. love the bangs…they bring attention to your cute freckles.I love the one of Izzie with the pink cup and her little legs all crazy.


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