PA Bound.

Isabelle is all ready to go.

Well, actually that picture was taken last night when Jazz mowed the back lawn. But you get my point.

Tonight we embark on our Pennsylvania adventure to visit our East Coast family. I just barely finished packing MOST OF EVERYTHING THAT WE OWN into two suitcases. We are also carrying on more than we should be allowed to, considering we will be entertaining Isabelle for two flights equaling about 12 hours travel time. If all else fails, we will let her wander the aisles and hope no strangers steal her based on cuteness alone.

Things on our to-do list: See some Amish people. Visit Hershey, PA. Meet lots of family members and friends. Dress up Isabelle in all her new fall clothes. Get Dunkin’ Donuts at least twice. (No, Jazz, not everyday.) Hopefully partake of John’s DELICIOUS chicken n’dumplings. Buy an ornament for our tree. Tour Danville. Relax with family.

Expect to be bombarded with pictures.

4 thoughts on “PA Bound.

  1. have SO much fun, i am looking forward to pictures! i bet fall and isabelle are a great combo! also… don't stress about the flights. she'll probably be entertained so much by the people around her that she won't even need half her toys.


  2. ps get dunkin at least three times. for good measure. or just, you know, for me. we have to drive a whole twenty minutes to find one here and there isn't another to be had all the way between here and san antonio! what a sad sad life i live.


  3. Have fun, I am so jealous. I am longing for a PA trip. We are going to visit family in northeastern PA in October!


  4. Hope you have SO much fun. Can't wait to see pictures!


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