I’m blogging from my Toshiba again. My lovely, large screened, brand-new keyboarded toshiba. I seriously hugged it when Jazz handed it to me. Weird?

Right as I was finishing my mom’s 50th Birthday Book in June, my space bar fell off. And when I say “fell off” I mean I took it off to clean under it and couldn’t get it back on. So I typed without a space bar. Ever tried it? Itsveryhardandmakesthingsslow. Soon after that, my power cord died. Usually Jazz orders me a new one because this has happened in the past. Not a big deal. Well, this time the little piece inside my laptop actually broke completely off, so there was no power being transferred. No power = no charge = sad, sad day.

Since it was under a three year warranty (thanks Costco) we sent it in to the Toshiba Hospital. They had it a for awhile, fixed it for me and sent it back. I was THRILLED to see it on my doorstep. Jazz opened it up and put my hardrive back in it and fired it up. Aaaand the mouse didn’t work. Aaaaand my space bar was no where to be found. So after arguing with some very special customer service people, we sent it back in. Finally today a package was waiting for me when I got home tonight. We unpacked it- and I forgot how BEAUTIFUL this thing is. Shiny, sleek, black. Comfortable in my hands. Everything is working properly and I feel whole again. Isn’t it sad that I’m so attached to my own computer? Bless Jazz and his patient heart for sharing his laptop with me for TWO MONTHS while mine was sick. I’m sure he got annoyed with me glaring at him every ten minutes with my “are you almost finished” eyes. (I just re-read this paragraph and I sound like such a whiner! Wah-wah, didn’t have my personal computer for awhile. Hey Micci, some people don’t even have computers! Or running water! Get a grip! Whatever, you all know what I mean. The whining continues…)

Today was that day where Isabelle’s 9:30 nap didn’t happen until 12:30. And it was a frustrating three hours for me. I’m a scheduley- kind of person. Usually her nap time is time for me to shower and get ready, and also to work on projects or clean or sleep or whatever. When I don’t get that time, my mind goes berzerk. Before you all start in, I realize that someday I will have nineteen kids and I won’t ever get time to myself ever- but for now, I treasure those few minutes.  Since her nap was so late, it eliminated the need for nap number two of the day. Well, she definitely needed one about 6 ish, but it was too close to her bedtime to even mention the word “sleep.” We went over to my mom’s tonight for some dinner and entertainment. She has all the cool toys, plus a swing in her back yard. It’s like baby heaven.

While we were there, Isabelle took some steps ON HER OWN. She took one tiny step by herself yesterday morning, but today she was being so courageous and just walked from Jazz’s hands to my dad, back and forth, back and forth. I’m so proud of her short little legs I could burst. Tonight when Jazz asks me what my favorite part of the day was, I know I will forget all about our little morning mishap and think only of her little body flying solo across the carpet.

And because I can’t have two consecutive posts without a photo– Isabelle at bath time. Once she hears the tub turn on, she comes flying into the bathroom. She loves it. Baby bum!

PS. I’m teaching piano now out of our home. Need some lessons? Got a kid who needs lessons? Would you like your dog to learn chopsticks? Give me a call.

6 thoughts on “Thursday.

  1. Why are all baby bums so cute? And, if I lived there, I would take lessons from you. That is on my to-do list. I have always wanted to learn how to play. Maybe someday!


  2. Fluffs called. He said he wants to learn to play the Entertainer- you in?


  3. um…If you could teach Mimi the wonder chihuahua to play chopsticks I would totally nominate you for America's Got Talent. And I'd bet you'd win!p.s. I miss you and your whining.


  4. um…If you could teach Mimi the wonder chihuahua to play chopsticks I would totally nominate you for America's Got Talent. And I'd bet you'd win!p.s. I miss you and your whining.


  5. Sounds like you are hitting the milestone called “kid only takes one nap transition but has a meltdown at 6 PM because kid needs nap but it's too early to put kid down for the night” It's a hard transition, for sure.but, the PLUS side is that same kid can be in the bathtub, PJs on and IN BED by 6:30 PM!!!!! 🙂


  6. Oh more question.Do you actually PLAY the piano???I'll spread the word over here in the ol' 4th Ward.


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